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Our magnetic films and self-adhesive magnets are characterized by exceptional flexibility and strong adherence not only to metallic surfaces. They are the ideal choice for companies looking for efficient and creative ways to personalize their environment. With a thickness of 0.7 mm and a width of 61 cm, Magnaflex films and those with an adhesive layer ensure easy fitting and application, making them an excellent solution for any project – from creating practical organizational systems to unique decorations and effective advertising tools. Regardless of your needs, magnetic films offer not only high quality and durability but also simplicity of use, allowing easy cutting and mounting without the need for specialized tools.

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Magnetic film - practical and convenient organizational solution

Custom-sized magnetic films offered by Wallyboards shop are a practical and convenient solution for anyone looking for efficient ways to organize work or home space. They allow you to create your own, needs-tailored magnetic boards, which serve not only for attaching important notes, photos, or graphics but can also function for educational or decorative purposes. This is an excellent alternative to traditional boards, allowing for quick and easy changes in arrangement without the need to drill holes in walls. The ability to adhere the film to various surfaces, such as doors, furniture, or even refrigerators, opens up new possibilities for users in terms of personalization and optimization of their environment. All this makes magnetic films an invaluable tool in the hands of those who value order, aesthetics, and functionality of their space.

Magnetic films by the meter

One of the biggest advantages of custom-sized magnetic films offered by the Wallyboards shop is their easy adaptation to the individual needs of the user. Thanks to the possibility of cutting the film to the desired size or shape with simple tools such as scissors or a utility knife, customers can customize the product to their unique requirements. This flexibility opens up wide possibilities for use - from creating custom magnetic boards, through covering furniture, to use in decorative or educational purposes. Whether you need a small fridge magnet or a large magnetic wall panel, magnetic films from Wallyboards enable project realization with ease and precision. This solution fits perfectly the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals looking for efficient ways to organize space.

Magnaflex magnetic films

Magnaflex is a revolutionary magnetic film that combines flexibility with exceptional adherence to metallic surfaces. Offered by the Wallyboards shop, the magnetic film of 0.7 mm thickness and 61 cm width is the perfect solution for those seeking a reliable and easy-to-use magnetic material. Thanks to its unique properties, Magnaflex provides strong adherence to all metallic surfaces, allowing for its use in a wide range of applications - from workspace organization, through decorations, to advertising and identification uses. The film's flexibility allows for easy adjustment and cutting to the needed size, making it ideal for creating organizational systems on fridges, magnetic boards, or metal cabinets. Magnaflex is also an excellent base for creating your own magnets - simply apply your chosen graphic or photo and cut out magnets in the desired shape. It is not only practical but also a creative solution that allows for personalization and adding a unique character to every space. Magnaflex, with its versatility and ease of use, becomes an indispensable tool in the hands of anyone who values organization, aesthetics, and functionality of their environment.

Magnetic films with adhesive layer

Self-adhesive magnets by the meter available in the Wallyboards shop stand out because their entire surface is covered with high-quality adhesive. This solution guarantees not only ease of application but also ensures that the film stays in place for a long time, regardless of whether it is adhered to a wall, door, furniture, or other surfaces. This allows users to enjoy the reliability and stability of the magnetic surface without worrying about it coming off. This is especially important in spaces where the film is frequently used and exposed to various actions, such as attaching and detaching magnets. The adhesive coverage makes mounting simple and quick, which is an additional advantage for everyone who values convenience and efficiency in organizing their workspace or home.

Versatility and ease of use of magnetic films

The versatility and ease of use are key features that distinguish magnetic steel films of 100cm width available in the Wallyboards shop. The ability to cut the film to a chosen size or shape with ordinary scissors is extremely practical and allows for a wide range of product applications in various scenarios - from home to professional. This flexibility means that magnetic films are an ideal solution for DIY project lovers, teachers looking for innovative teaching methods, as well as business owners and warehouse managers who want to improve work and space organization. Additionally, the simplicity of installation, thanks to the self-adhesive surface, eliminates the need for specialized tools or materials, making the installation process quick and trouble-free. The versatility of magnetic films means that they find application in almost every aspect of daily and professional life, providing solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically attractive.

Magnetic film as an alternative to metallic surfaces

The self-adhesive ferromagnetic film, available in the Wallyboards shop, is an excellent alternative to traditional metallic surfaces. Thanks to its unique magnet-attracting properties, it allows for the creation of magnetic walls, doors, or furniture without the need for heavy and cumbersome metal boards. This solution is particularly valuable in places where the installation of traditional magnetic boards is limited or where aesthetics and minimalism are important. The ferromagnetic film can be used in offices, schools, kindergartens, and even homes, offering not only functionality but also adding a modern character to spaces. Cooperation with neodymium magnets, which are characterized by a very strong attraction force, ensures effectiveness even when attaching heavier items. Thus, the ferromagnetic film becomes an indispensable tool in organizing work, education, and daily life, combining practicality with modern design.

FAQ: Magnetic Films and Self-adhesive Magnets

Can Magnaflex magnetic films be used on any surface?

Magnaflex magnetic films provide strong adherence to all metallic surfaces. Thanks to their flexibility and self-adhesive layer, they can be easily applied to various places, such as refrigerators, magnetic boards, metal cabinets, or doors. However, it is important to remember that the best results are obtained on smooth, clean, and dry surfaces.

How can I adjust the size of the magnetic film to my needs?

Magnaflex magnetic films are characterized by ease of cutting, allowing for their quick and precise adjustment to the required size or shape. Using ordinary scissors or a utility knife, you can easily trim the film to fit your project without the need for specialized tools.

Are Magnaflex films durable and how long can they last?

Magnaflex films are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and resistance to damage. With proper installation and use, these films can serve for many years, maintaining their magnetic properties and aesthetic appearance.

In what projects can I use Magnaflex magnetic films?

Magnaflex films find wide application in various projects – from practical organizational solutions, through creative decorations, to advertising and identification applications. They are ideal for creating organizational systems on metallic surfaces, customizing magnets, marking production machinery, or creating unique marketing tools.

How to order Magnaflex magnetic films and can I buy them by the meter?

Magnaflex magnetic films are available for purchase at the Wallyboards store and can be bought by the meter, which allows for flexibility and adjustment of the material quantity to individual project needs. To place an order, simply visit the product page, select the required amount, and add it to the cart. The store also offers assistance in selecting the right materials and technical advice to ensure shopping satisfaction.

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