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Do you see beauty in every place on earth and feel a lot of extra energy at the very thought of an upcoming trip? Revisiting unforgettable moments will be much simpler and more pleasant with a wall map that enriches your interior design. Thanks to it, you will see not only how much you already have behind you, but also how much is still ahead of you. This form of decoration will make everything that seemed unattainable until now, this time is within reach. Depending on the area illustrated on the map, you can move wherever you want - the first step to fulfilling your dreams is simply to dream.

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Scratch Map Beer Lover VipSee more details

Scratch Map Beer Lover Vip

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Scratch Map Poland VipSee more details

Scratch Map Poland Vip

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Europe Vip Scratch MapSee more details

Europe Vip Scratch Map

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World Map Wallpaper 0137See more details

World Map Wallpaper 0137

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Scratch Card Vip WorldSee more details

Scratch Card Vip World

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Scratch-Off Map PremiumSee more details

Scratch-Off Map Premium

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Scratch Loft WhiteSee more details

Scratch Loft White

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Scratch Loft BlackSee more details

Scratch Loft Black

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Scratch Word MapitoSee more details

Scratch Word Mapito

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Wall maps for the living room, bedroom or study?

Maps for the wall are an extremely versatile solution, with which you can enhance almost any room.

  • Wall map for the office – whether your work is based on travel or not, you can always enrich your office with an additional decorative element that not only improves its decor, but also becomes a kind of motivator for action.
  • Wall map for bedroom - a cozy interior, consistent accessories and a map placed just opposite the extremely comfortable bed. In such conditions it's so nice, at least for a moment, to forget about reality and let yourself be carried away by dreams.
  • Decorative wall map for the living room – there is one place in almost every apartment where we spend an unusually large amount of time during family gatherings, developing our own hobbies or relaxing - the living room, of course. To make these moments even more enjoyable, enrich a blank wall with a wall map that will play first fiddle in the interior. Although it is a simple solution it is also very stylish.

With what style do wall maps form a harmonious composition?

Arranging a room in a coherent arrangement makes it harmonious. Although mixing styles can produce an amazing visual effect, it takes considerable imagination to achieve it. In the case of purchasing a wall map, the matter is so simple that it can be the culmination of virtually any style. Whether you are a fan of interiors decorated in modern, classic, loft, industrial or Scandinavian style. Whatever you choose such a form of decoration is not only a safe, but what an impressive solution.

variety of wall maps - get to know our offer

We are committed to meeting the expectations of all customers, so our assortment is extremely varied - there are both large wall maps of the world, and those in the form of scratch cards or magnetic maps. Check for yourself what we have prepared for you and choose the best option for yourself.

  • Maps of Poland

    Anyone who perfectly understands the meaning of the saying "you praise others, you don't know your own" certainly appreciates the beauty that the landscape of our country provides. Wall maps depicting Poland are a great solution, which not only has to act as a decoration, but will also be perfect in a child's room as an educational element.

  • Maps of the world

    Whether we are constantly discovering new corners of the world or still dreaming of our first trip - a large world map for the wall is sure to please everyone. Make your interior get a lot of positive energy with one decoration.

  • Scratch maps

    Can't imagine life without travel? After finishing one trip, do you immediately start planning the next one? Scratch-off maps will help you tick off the places you've already visited. It's the perfect way to illustrate your past discoveries, as well as those still waiting to be seen.

  • Magnetic maps

    An effective way to learn is often one in which we can allow ourselves a little creativity. Magnetic maps are a solution that is especially recommended for schools. With them, not only the translation will be simpler, but also the whole process of memorization and exercise will become much more pleasant.

  • Maps in the form of templates

    If you appreciate the beauty of minimalist decorations, then the map template will certainly appeal to you. Depicting the continents with simple patterns and solid color is an element that will subtly add character to any interior.

  • Maps wallpaper

    And you can move to another dimension of reality! A wallpaper depicting a map of the world, a city, or perhaps one that sets a direction? Each of the available options is sure to enliven your room.

  • Maps in the form of stickers

    Stickers are a great alternative to time-consuming renovations. Thanks to them you can easily and quickly change your decor a little and make it feel fresh again. The maps we offer differ not only in their color palette, but also in the pattern they are made of. This allows you to choose something classic, modern or elegant.

Good shopping only with Wallyboards - a wall map just as you dreamed of

Deciding on wall maps from Wallyboards you gain not only access to a rich and diverse assortment thanks to which you are able to find what you dream of, but above all the highest quality and durability. Whether you choose a wall map in intense colors, or your heart will be stolen by black, white or any other color - each product was created using the best quality materials, so the amazing effect will accompany you for a very long time. Matte or glossy version? The decision is up to you.

Gift idea for a traveler - maps to hang on the wall

Approaching holidays, birthdays or name days is the perfect opportunity to give someone close to you a pleasure. Choosing a gift is often not an easy task, after all, ideas run out, and every year we try anew to come up with something new and unique. Maps for the wall are not only a great looking decoration, but also an excellent gift idea.

For someone who loves to travel and is constantly expanding his horizons, the ideal option would be to choose a scratch-off map. Depending on how well you know someone, you can go for more specific solutions such as a scratch map of Bieszczady or a scratch map of Polish castles. However, if you are not quite sure what exactly interests the person you want to bestow, opt for a slightly safer option such as a scratch map depicting the VIP world.

Scratch cards are not the only apt gift. In fact, the choice of a wall map depends on your decorative possibilities. If you have a lot of free space on the wall, you can bet on a classic map in the form of wallpaper, while if your loved one prefers minimalism and elegance - he will be much happier with a wall map in the form of a sticker (we recommend, for example, self-adhesive sticker world map 04).

Wall maps and many more interesting ideas for decorating the interior

Wall maps are undoubtedly an apt way to decorate your interior in an effective way, but know that we have many more such solutions for you. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead and what kind of person you are, you can choose for yourself something that, for example, will help you plan your upcoming week - chalkboards or dry erase boards, with which any conference or teamwork will be much more pleasant.

Wallyboards is a wall decor store created with you and your needs in mind.

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