Magnetic Whiteboard Map Of Poland 239

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Magnetic Whiteboard Map Of Poland 239

Lean Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Boards are available in several standard sizes. We produce boards in any size.

If you need a different print or your own, individual version of the board, we can design and make it for you. If you have your own design, you can use the product: board with your own graphics to conveniently order a board online.

The board is available in three versions:

Lean boards can be mounted outside, as they are resistant to weather conditions, durable, and easy to keep clean.

Super facts about the dry-erase surface

Our boards have a modern dry-erase surface that allows for complete cleaning of the board even if writings remain on it for a long time.

Dry-erase boards are available in matte and glossy versions.

Technical specifications
  Self-adhesive board PVC board Board in an aluminum frame
Board thickness 2 mm 7 mm 16 mm
Durability of the dry-erase surface High, the board can be easily cleaned even after several weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Glossy finish Excellent dry-erase properties, suitable for intensive use, may reflect light in sunlit rooms.
Matte finish Slightly worse erasability, may require cleaning with board cleaner, does not reflect light.
What to write with We recommend dry-erase markers of recognized brands - you can find them in the accessories section.
What magnets All types except for vacation magnets with large casings. For attaching notes, we suggest magnets with a diameter of at least 30 mm or neodymium ones. Diverse
Mounting method Sticker form, just peel off the protective paper. You don't need any tools! Double-sided tape, mechanical mounting (screws, dowels). The board has a hidden, hook-type mounting system.
Mounting surface All smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) except for walls painted with high latex content paints, washable paints, stain-resistant, and facade paints.  If you've used these types of paints, order board samples and test them on your wall or choose a PVC board. any surface
Weather resistance Yes, when applied to a non-absorbent surface - metal or plastic. Yes, the board is entirely made of plastic materials. The board is intended for indoor use only, in rooms free of moisture. However, if you need a board in a frame for outdoor use or for a room with increased humidity - contact us!
In addition, we offer tools supporting the implementation of lean in the enterprise:
Order fulfillment time

We fulfill lean boards within 3 to 7 business days.

Note - paints with a high latex content, washable paints, stain-resistant, and facade paints adversely affect the adhesion of self-adhesive boards. Deciding to create decorations on this type of substrate is at your own risk, as we do not accept claims related to these paints. In such cases, we recommend using boards on a PVC backing or in aluminum frames.

This product is made to order, according to specifications provided by the customer, and produced upon placing an order. Please consider your purchases carefully.

Ścienna mapa Polski czy świata? O tym co jeszcze w naszej ofercie

Choć mapa Polski na ścianę to niespotykana forma dekoracji mamy dla Ciebie jeszcze kilka równie ciekawych rozwiązań.

Te jak i wiele innych wartych uwagi produktów czeka na Ciebie w naszym sklepie z dekoracjami ściennymi. Wally – wszystko, czego szukasz w jednym miejscu.

Dlaczego warto wybrać mapę Polski na ścianę w sklepie

Głęboko wierzymy, że wybierając mapę Polski na ścianę w sklepie, inwestujesz w estetykę swojego najbliższego otoczenia w domu lub z firmie. Zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszymi specjalistami, którzy pomogą dobrać idealne rozwiązania. Dowiedz się więcej o tym, jakimi wartościami kierujemy się w naszej firmie i dlaczego warto wybrać szablon malarski w Wally.

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Magnetic Whiteboard Map Of Poland 239
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