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Whiteboard is an excellent alternative to traditional green boards, which we all know well from school years. Practical, lightweight and comfortable to use, the whiteboard will be fantastic in any place where you would like to ensure better organisation of your time and work, as well as an efficient flow of information. Check out our range of whiteboards and choose a product perfectly suited to your needs!

Whiteboard - online shop

The dry-erase board is one of the best office inventions! Trivially simple assembly, comfort of use and the possibility of quick writing down and washing the inscriptions without getting your hands dirty is a real treat for all those who appreciate the comfort of work! We offer both white and colourful whiteboards - in any size or even shape! All this so that you can easily choose a version perfectly suited to your company's needs.

Whiteboards - application

The dry-erase board is perfect for schools, kindergartens, offices, conference rooms and production companies. You can use it wherever you need to save information and update data frequently! You can make a note of tips for your colleagues, conduct an important meeting or brainstorming. You can also use our dry-erase boards to introduce visual management principles in your company. So it's sure to be useful for all managers as well as for those who are following the Lean Management concept. The washable whiteboard is a convenient solution for anyone who would like to introduce modern principles of work organisation into their company or enterprise!

How do you take care of the dry-erase board? A well-treated board will retain its aesthetic values and functionality for a long time. Remember to write on it only with appropriate dry-erase markers and to wipe the surface from time to time with a special cleaning liquid for dry-erase surfaces!

Do you run your own business, are you a manager in a big company or do you just love a good organization? You will surely need our whiteboard! Wallyboards online shop offers endless possibilities to choose and personalise your whiteboard!

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