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Whiteboard is an excellent alternative to traditional green boards, which we all know well from school years. Practical, lightweight and comfortable to use, the whiteboard will be fantastic in any place where you would like to ensure better organisation of your time and work, as well as an efficient flow of information. Check out our range of whiteboards and choose a product perfectly suited to your needs!

Custom Size Dry Erase BoardSee more details

Custom Size Dry Erase Board

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Dry Erase Magnet Small Sizes

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Dry Erase Magnet

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Whiteboard On Fridge In Any Size

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Dry-Erase Board Tea 553

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Dry erasable whiteboard - online shop

Dry erasable whiteboard is one of the best office inventions! Easy installation, ease of use and the ability to quickly write and wash the inscriptions without dirtying your hands is a real treat for all who appreciate the comfort of work! We offer both white and colored whiteboards - in any size and even any shape! All this so that you can easily choose the version perfectly suited to the needs of your company.

Dry erasable whiteboards - applications

Dry erasable whiteboard is perfect for schools, kindergartens, offices, conference rooms and manufacturing companies. You will use it wherever there is a need to write information and frequent updating of data! You can use it to jot down tips for colleagues, hold an important meeting or brainstorming sessions. You can also use our whiteboards to introduce the principles of visual management in your company. It will surely come in handy for all managers and followers of Lean Management philosophy. Washable whiteboard is a convenient solution for anyone who would like to introduce modern principles of work organization to their company!

How to take care of a dry erase board? A well treated whiteboard will maintain its aesthetic qualities and functionality for a long time. Remember to write on it only with appropriate dry erasable markers and from time to time wipe its surface with special cleaning liquid for dry erasable surfaces!

How to maintain a dry erasable whiteboard?

Do you run your own business, are you a manager in a large company, or do you just love good organization? You will surely need our dry erase board! Wally online store offers endless possibilities of choice and personalization of dry erase boards!

Dry erasable whiteboards - choose the optimal size

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction with our products, we offer customized orders. Thanks to this the chosen design of the dry erase board will be prepared according to your guidelines. The option of selecting the appearance and size give you the opportunity to adjust this product to your specific needs, for example the width of the front of the refrigerator or available space on the wall. Personalization of the order also includes the color and material from which we create the boards.

A wide range of ready-made patterns of dry erase boards

If you want to order a customized dry erase board, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself in advance with the proposals available in our extensive assortment. A wide range of different, ready-made designs makes it possible for you to find such a model that will perfectly meet your expectations. We offer, among others, special models for the fridge, portable ones for children to draw on as well as painting copies designed to be hung on the wall in the form of stencils depicting fairy tale characters or animals. In a home office or at a home desk you can mount a practical dry erase board with a weekly task plan, showing order tables, as well as graphic strategic models or tasks to be completed. There are also door-mounted variants to help you fill space in your home that is usually completely empty!

Extensive functionality dry erase boards - the perfect accessory for your business!

Take advantage of the offer now and get one of the offered dry erase boards, or even order several copies for your company if you are looking for functional equipment. In office spaces or conference rooms they are perfect for group meetings, facilitating important conversations and presentations. They help in conveying various important information in a clear and accessible manner.

Great convenience of use makes this accessory, after just a few days of use, become an item of equipment without which it is difficult to imagine normal functioning. We offer both large standing models and smaller, ideal for carrying. If you care about practicality and marketing potential, be sure to purchase innovative dry erase boards with individual prints, which are perfect for business meetings or trade fairs.

Dry erasable whiteboard - functional equipment for your home

Are you tired of sticking notes and magnets with different inscriptions everywhere? A dry erase board mounted on the fridge is something just right for you! Thanks to it you can easily communicate with your family and write down the most important information so that everyone in the family has easy access to it. Doctor's appointment, kids' activities or maybe a visit to a friend's house? Write down a short note and you can be sure that it will always be in view! This accessory, is also useful in the home office, for example, as a practical substitute for a small calendar. Put it at your place, and what you want will be visible and always "at hand"!

High-quality and durable dry erase boards

When choosing our products, you can be sure that you bet on high quality at its best. The accessories available in the offer are very durable and their space for taking notes, for example, is scratch resistant and comfortable to use. Precision and care for even the smallest details make the dry erase boards solid, functional and reliable. In addition, the care translates into aesthetics and stylish design, so you can easily blend them into the decor of any room.

Set your order today! Do you have any questions about our product range? Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to provide you with an answer.

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