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Whiteboard is one of the best office inventions. In times when the number of information processed and archived by us reaches its zenith, we still need to write it down with a pen on a piece of paper or a marker on the board. Such a handy ad hoc update of data has a positive impact on our memory. Whiteboard on a stand or wall is a perfect solution for offices, schools and companies. If it has additional magnetic properties, it becomes indispensable not only during long-term planning, but also during brainstorming or meeting, which makes it necessary to pinpoint many ideas at the same time.

Magnetic whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboard will be useful in schools, kindergartens, public benefit institutions, as well as in the shipping base or in the back of a shop. There is probably no place of work where this way of recording important information would not be more effective than recording it in a notebook or on the phone - in the end it turns out that both of them have been left on the desk, and we have forgotten about the most important... The ease with which a whiteboard is operated is its main asset. A huge advantage is also the possibility to personalize such boards. Thanks to the fact that boards can be made in any shape, size and color, they can also be an interesting complement to the arrangement of the room.

Whiteboards for children

Magnetic whiteboards for children successfully replace the traditional chalkboards. This makes it much easier to maintain order: on the contrary, it has problems with dusty chalk. Chalk dust is pushed in everywhere, while the markers do not affect the environment in any negative way. All you have to do is to make your child aware that although they are easy to rub off from the blackboard itself, from other objects and hands - not necessarily. The possibility of attaching something with a magnet to the blackboard allows the child to place any pictures or information on it without the need to stick or nail them to the walls - which often makes parents afraid.

How and with what can I clean the whiteboard?

It is best to clean the board every day with a dry cloth made of cotton or a special felt sponge. When we see that there are too many unwashed markings on our whiteboard - related to the pigment contained in the ink and micropores in the surface of the board - we must reach for a special washing liquid that will not only allow us to obtain a smooth white surface of the board, but also preserves it, leaving a delicate microfilm that minimizes the remaining ink residues from the markers.

A well-preserved whiteboard retains its aesthetic values and functionality for a long time. One should also be very careful to write after it only with appropriate markers, because removing inscriptions made with wrong pens can be very difficult or even impossible.

Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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