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Tactical sports whiteboards

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An important element of every game, every team sport match is to determine the appropriate tactics. In better communication between the coach and the team, or between the players themselves, the dry-erase tactical tables for team sports may be helpful.

Tactical dry-erase boards

The boards available from us are dry-erase, which means that a sponge or cloth is enough to clean them. The great advantage of this type of boards is the print showing the pitch or playing field designed for a particular type of sport. So we offer tactical boards that present a football, basketball and handball court, a tennis and badmington court, as well as a hockey, floorball and grass hockey, rugby and even baseball court. Remember that we are the producer of our boards, so we can prepare them perfectly for your needs. Do you have an idea for a print that you did not find in our offer? Contact us, we will see what we can do for you! We can also personalize the boards according to your needs by adding subtitles, logo or using club colours.

Coaching dry-erase boards

Tactical dry-erase boards will prove their worth on school pitches as well as in professional sports teams. They will help to develop the best playing technique and prepare players for the various situations that may occur on the pitch during a match. Good organization and preparation is the base in practically every area of life, so it is worth to use our accessories in the form of coaching boards!

What tactical boards do you find in our offer?

Especially for sports enthusiasts we have prepared a wide range of products that will work perfectly on a sports field! You will find it in our offer:

  • coaching boards for football,
  • basketball tactical boards,
  • handball boards,
  • tennis, floorball and badmington boards,
  • and many, many more!

Check out our offer of tactical coaching boards and prepare your team for the match!

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