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Shaped whiteboards

Dry-erase boards are modern solutions that easily replace the traditional, heavy boards that everyone remembers from school years. Advances in technology have meant that we can now find much more on the market than just simple whiteboards for writing. An interesting thing will surely turn out to be the shapely dry-erase boards, which not only fulfill their practical function perfectly, but will also look great! The combination of excellent dry-erase properties with an interesting design will surely appeal to you. Check how and where you will use our boards!

Shaped dry-erase boards

Dry-erase boards are available in the form of a flexible, self-adhesive foil or a 5mm thick board made of durable PVC. Various available models are stylized in the form of various shapes, moving away from the traditionally accepted geometric dimensions to unusual solutions. A board in the shape of an apple hanging in the kitchen perfectly adapts to the atmosphere and general furnishings of the room, also fulfilling a highly practical role as a place where you can save a short note for the household or a shopping list.

Boards in different shapes for the children's room

The shape boards are also great accessories that you will use when arranging your child's room! Lovely pets, everyday objects and favourite characters - all this can appear on the walls of your child's room!

You can use our boards for both learning and playing. Your child will write down his first letters, practice reading, counting, but also create a miniature work of art! The boards in funny shapes are a great idea for a lovely gift that will surely delight your child!

Shaped boards for gastronomy

Our shape boards will also work well in cafés, restaurants and other catering establishments. You can save on them the current menu, a special offer of the day or a few nice words for regular customers!

Check out our range of dry-erase boards and enjoy them in your own company and apartment!

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Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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We ship to all EU countries
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