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We transform everyday spaces into areas full of creativity, organization, and personal style with a rich offer of boards and wall decorations

Achieve your projects without compromises. Move from concept to finished product faster. Utilize the full power of Wallyboards product personalization.

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We transform everyday spaces into areas full of creativity, organization, and personal style with a rich offer of boards and wall decorations

WALLYBOARDS - Your Partner in Creating Unique Spaces

We established our store in 2009. Thanks to this, we were one of the first sellers of custom-tailored decorative items. Wallyboards, from its humble beginnings, has been dynamically expanding, providing the widest possible range of products for home and office.

We specialize in the production of the highest quality wall decorations, whiteboards, chalkboards, and magnetic boards, as well as various types of information and parking signs. Each product we create is a testament to our passion for innovation and functional design.

The largest database of ready-made products

The largest database of ready-made products

Over 15,000 designs to choose from and inspire

We have a rich assortment of home and office decorations in categories such as boards, plaques, wall decorations. If you can't find the right design in it – find inspiration in the store. We can perform an individual print for you.

Online product configurators

Online product configurators

You know exactly how much and when

Use our store's self-service. With the help of the product configurator, you can determine the exact value and completion date of the order. Simply adjust the product to your individual requirements. Everything is in your hands!

Support and inspiration

Support and inspiration

Innovation, style, and functionality

We are always ready to help you choose the perfect product, offering professional advice and support. Additionally, we regularly provide inspiration on how to effectively use our products to maximize their potential in your space.

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Since 2009, we have been streamlining our logistic and production processes to deliver our customers innovative products of high quality and to ensure human service and approach.

You have specific requirements and don't know how to fulfill them

We understand you have unique needs but are not familiar with the production process and types of printing. We offer custom solutions, and our consultant will be able to specify the scope of the order with you. Our offer includes a wide range of personalization, from materials to sizes and printing options. Tell us what you need, and we will show you the options you can use. Tell us what you need, and we will show you the options you can use.

You expect efficient execution

One of the things that set us apart in the market is the short lead times for individual orders. Thanks to the online configurator, customers know the delivery date of the finished products while placing the order. Our well-organized production and post-sale processes, including efficient customer service, ensure the smooth execution of orders and full satisfaction of customers with the final product.

You need a product of high quality and durability

We pay great attention to the quality of components from which we create our products. During the realization of complex orders, we communicate with you actively to highlight potential risks and work out durable solutions. Thanks to this, our solutions meet the expectations of even the most demanding business customers.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of our CSR commitment, we actively work towards environmental protection. We use recycled cardboard for packaging production, avoid unnecessary fillers, recover materials and packaging. We use safety-certified inks and meticulously sort production waste. Our actions demonstrate a deep commitment to responsible environmental behavior.

Meet our team!

Every company is made by people, their work, and the history they create together. From the beginning, we wanted Wallyboards to be a place with a family atmosphere, where really great things happen. Without them, there would be no me - Wallyboards!


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