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Magnetic whiteboards

Need an interesting solution for your office? Would you like it to look great in addition to its practical function? Magnetic dry-erase board made to size is an ideal solution for office spaces, training centres and individual flats. Our whiteboards are a perfect alternative to traditional, heavy boards well known to us from old school years. Check how to use them!

Whiteboard - top quality

The board is made of high quality materials, thanks to which it is extremely resistant to the effects of long periods of intensive use. The high quality dry-erase surface makes washing and rewriting the subtitles simple and leaves no marks, even if they remain on the board for a long time! You can write on the board with any dry-erase markers and attach various types of magnets to it. Thanks to these features, it is a very flexible and universal tool for holding various lectures, trainings, conferences, meetings and multimedia presentations. You can easily and quickly attach all the necessary notes, photos or graphics to it, which you need for training, conferences or creative brainstorming.

Match the magnetic board to your needs!

On the market you will find many offers and suggestions for magnetic boards, but ours is unique! Why? We are a manufacturer of our boards, so we can easily personalize your purchase by adding an individual print, unusual color or size of your choice. Additionally, our whiteboards are available in several substrate versions, so you can perfectly match them to your needs.

Self-adhesive magnetic whiteboard is perfect for all those places where you want to avoid traditional assembly - just stick it on! The board is made in the form of a sticker and perfectly harmonizes with smooth surfaces creating a creative surface without using additional space!

A dry-erase magnetic board on a PVC is a stiffened product that will successfully replace traditional boards. You can fix it on a double-sided tape or a traditional assembly system. The board is weatherproof, so you can use it literally anywhere!

Check out our offer and choose a board perfectly suited to your needs!

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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