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Magnetic whiteboards for writing are a universal solution for everyone who would like to introduce perfect organization of time and tasks into their private and professional life. The universal, comfortable to use and extremely aesthetic magnetic whiteboard will improve your working comfort and make your meetings, training sessions and brainstorming a trivial and enjoyable experience! Check out our offer of practical dry-erase boards and choose the right product for you!

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Magnetic dry erase board as an alternative to traditional solutions

Traditional dry erase boards are products that have been found in offices, schools, universities, or conference rooms for years. They are excellent work tools on which we can easily apply important information for us and our audience using the right marker. However, this category includes somewhat different models – namely – the highest quality magnetic dry erase boards. These are products that on one hand fulfill their basic function and allow making notes with dry erase markers, and on the other hand provide functional storage for magnetic elements – all without the need for glue or tape.

Where are magnetic dry erase boards suitable?

Our products are an excellent alternative to traditional, heavy boards well known from our school years. Light, practical, and available in many variants, magnetic boards will surely surprise you!

Where can you use them? Magnetic dry erase boards are a perfect solution for:

Magnetic dry erase boards – highest quality

On our online store page, you can find made of the highest quality safe materials magnetic boards, that will retain their excellent values – both practical and aesthetic – for many years! It is worth adding that thanks to their metal surface they are more durable than their traditional counterparts.

And that's not all! The innovative surface of magnetic dry erase boards makes erasing writings ridiculously easy and leaves no traces, regardless of how intensively you intend to use them.

Additionally, thanks to their excellent magnetic properties, you can store important notes, loose sheets of information, and needed infographics on them. Just pin them with magnets! A washable magnetic writing board is suitable everywhere you need temporary support during work and organization of your daily duties!

Magnetic dry erase boards: a universal tool for organization

Magnetic dry erase boards are key to effective organization of work, learning, and everyday life. Their versatility means they are perfectly suited for use in home offices, educational spaces, and professional offices alike. Thanks to the ability to use magnets, each board becomes a project management center, planning lessons, or home duties. The durable dry erase surface ensures ease of writing and cleaning, allowing for repeated use without loss of quality. Moreover, the aesthetic design and high functionality of Wally's magnetic dry erase boards bring a modern element to any room, while retaining its practical application.

Personalizing your space: custom-size dry erase boards

Personalizing your work or learning space has never been easier thanks to Wallyboards' custom-size dry erase boards. The ability to adjust the board sizes to individual needs allows for maximum use of available space, regardless of its size. Customers can also choose boards with their own print, opening the door to creating a unique and inspiring environment that reflects the user's personality or the company's brand. Personalized magnetic dry erase boards not only become a tool for efficient planning and organization but also a decorative element that adds character to any interior. Wally allows customers to easily design boards online, ensuring a product that is both practical and aesthetically matched to individual preferences.

Dry erase boards with your own print: create unique spaces

Dry erase boards with your own print offered by Wally are the perfect solution for those who want to combine functionality with individual style. Thanks to advanced printing technology, anyone can design a board with any image, company logo, or inspiring quote, making each space unique and motivating. Such personalization allows for the creation of a tool that not only facilitates work and learning organization but also serves as a decorative element, emphasizing the character of the room. Boards with your own print are particularly valued in educational spaces, offices, and public places, where they can serve as an information carrier or branding element. Wally ensures high-quality workmanship, guaranteeing that each board will serve its users for many years, maintaining its unique appearance.

How to choose the perfect dry erase board for your office?

Choosing the perfect dry erase board for the office requires understanding the team's needs and the specifics of work. Wally offers a wide selection of boards that can be adapted to various applications, from conference rooms to individual workstations. A key aspect is determining the size of the board, which should correspond to the size of the space and the number of people who will use it. Custom-size boards allow for full adaptation to any office, regardless of its layout. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to additional features, such as the magnetic surface, which facilitates easy attachment of notes or documents. Choosing a dry erase board from Wally, you can count on high-quality workmanship and aesthetic design, which will fit into modern office interiors, while increasing the efficiency of team work.

Dry erase boards for children: education and fun in one

Dry erase boards for children combine educational elements with fun, creating an ideal environment for learning and creative time spending. Available in various, attractive designs and colors for children, these boards become not only a tool supporting the development of writing and drawing skills but also inspire creative thinking and self-expression. By choosing boards in shapes such as a house, cloud, or animals, parents and teachers can create a space that encourages children to learn through play. Additionally, the ability to personalize boards allows for adjustment to the individual interests of each child, further increasing their attractiveness. Wally cares about the safety of the youngest, offering boards made of high-quality materials, which are both durable and easy to keep clean.

Increase training efficiency with magnetic dry erase boards

Magnetic dry erase boards from Wallyboards are tools that significantly increase the efficiency of training, workshops, and business meetings. Their versatility allows for broad application, from presentations and brainstorming to project planning and training. The magnetic surface facilitates easy attachment of documents, graphics, or plans, making the presentation more interactive and engaging for participants. Thanks to the option of choosing custom-size boards, every training room can be equipped with a perfectly fitted board, maximizing work space and supporting efficient information exchange. Wallyboards ensures that each board is characterized by high quality and aesthetics, contributing to the professional appearance of any location. Investing in high-quality magnetic dry erase boards is a step towards more effective and dynamic training forms, yielding better results and participant satisfaction.

Choose our boards and enjoy the highest quality products! From here, we also recommend getting to know the traditional dry erase boards.

Wallyboards offers the best and most practical solutions that you can easily match to your needs. Need help choosing the right product? We are at your disposal!

A magnetic board for writing with markers is not the product you're looking for? Check out our rich offer of glass boards, mobile and freestanding boards, and magnetic chalkboards and see that in our online store Wallyboards, we have everything you need!


What are magnetic dry erase boards?

Magnetic dry erase boards are an alternative to traditional chalkboards, combining the functionality of dry erase and magnetic boards.

What are the advantages of magnetic dry erase boards?

Modern magnetic boards available at Wallyboards stand out mainly for their resistance to damage, pleasant note-taking, ease of cleaning, and the ability to attach magnets.

What can a magnetic dry erase board be used for?

Magnetic dry erase boards are ideal for writing down notes, plans, to-do lists, and for displaying presentations.

In what sizes do magnetic boards come?

The products presented on the site come in various sizes, starting from small magnetic boards for the refrigerator to larger conference models for the wall and beyond.

What types of magnetic boards are available at Wallyboards?

In our store, there are many types of boards available. Framed in aluminum, frameless, in white, black, or another color, with a print, without a print, vertical, and horizontal.

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