Magnetic whiteboards for kids

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In the Wallyboards offer of magnetic dry-erase boards, you will find a wide selection of products that not only encourage creative spending of time but also support the education and development of your child. Our magnetic dry-erase boards for kids are perfect for the room of every little explorer, artist, or scientist. Thanks to the possibility of personalization, you can create a board that will be not only practical but also an exceptionally personal gift. As a manufacturer, we offer high-quality products that are safe for children and easy to maintain. Our magnetic dry-erase boards for kids are available in a variety of designs – from educational motifs, through fairy-tale unicorns, space, to shapes such as a house or a pirate ship. Each board is equipped with magnets, allowing for attaching notes, drawings, or educational cards.

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Magnetic dry-erase boards for kids – creativity without limits

Magnetic dry-erase boards for kids are not just a tool for writing and drawing, but above all, a gateway to a world of unlimited imagination and creativity. Every surface becomes a canvas where countless works of art, treasure maps, and even the first letters and words can be created. Thanks to the ease of erasing marker traces, children can experiment without fear of permanent changes, which is crucial for developing their creativity and independence. Additionally, the magnetic function of the boards allows for attaching notes, drawings, or educational cards, making them an indispensable tool in learning through play. Wallyboards offers a wide selection of magnetic dry-erase boards, tailored to various interests of children, from space to the underwater world, making each of them unique and inspiring to discover new passions.

Key features of magnetic dry-erase boards for kids:

Personalized magnetic boards – the perfect gift for your child

Personalized magnetic boards from Wallyboards are a unique and practical gift that will surely bring joy to every child. The ability to customize the board to the child's individual preferences and interests makes it not only a tool for learning and play but also a personal decorative element in the room. Choosing colors, patterns, and the possibility to add the child's name or a chosen motif, parents can create a gift that will accompany their little ones for many years. Personalizing magnetic dry-erase boards highlights the child's individuality and encourages expressing themselves through art and creativity. Wallyboards, with its offer, enables everyone to make the gift not only beautiful but also functional, supporting the child's skill development in a pleasant way.

Educational magnetic boards for kids – learn and have fun!

An excellent way to combine learning with fun is through educational magnetic boards for kids from Wallyboards. With them, children can not only develop their artistic skills but also learn letters, numbers, and even the basics of foreign languages in an interactive way. Boards with predefined educational motifs, such as the alphabet, maps, or elements related to natural sciences, become a helpful tool in daily education. The interactivity offered by magnetic boards engages the child in the learning process, which is crucial in the early stages of development. Additionally, the ability to change content and adapt the board to the current educational needs of the child makes it an investment for years. Wallyboards ensures that each board is not only an educational tool but also a source of endless fun, motivating children to continually explore and learn.

Teach your child good planning

A dry-erase planner in the form of a magnetic board is a tool that grows with the child. It can serve as a simple daily schedule for a preschooler and later, as the child develops, evolve into a more complex time management system for a primary school student or even a teenager. Joint planning of the week can also become valuable time spent with parents, during which the child learns communication, negotiation, and cooperation. Introducing a magnetic dry-erase planner into a child's life is an investment in their future, enabling the development of key skills that will pay off throughout their life. Wallyboards offers a wide range of planners that are not only functional but also aesthetically designed, making them an attractive decorative element in a child's room.

Magnetic dry-erase boards – a safe space for children's imagination

Magnetic dry-erase boards provide a safe space where children can freely express their thoughts, feelings, and creative ideas. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and resistant to damage, parents can rest assured about the safety of their children during play and learning. These boards not only encourage creativity but also teach responsibility and independence through taking care of their own workspace. Wallyboards ensures that their products are free from sharp edges and harmful substances, making them an ideal choice for young users. Additionally, the magnetic surface of the boards allows for the use of various accessories, such as magnets or special markers, further expanding educational and entertainment possibilities, while maintaining order and organization in the child's space.

Magnetic dry-erase boards for kids – from unicorns to space

Magnetic dry-erase boards for kids from Wallyboards are a true treasure trove of thematic riches, transporting young users into various worlds – from magical realms full of unicorns, through the mysterious cosmos, to adventures on a pirate ship. Each board is designed to inspire children to think creatively and explore new interests. The patterns are carefully selected to match different passions and developmental stages of the child, ensuring that every youngster finds something for themselves. Whether your child is an animal lover, a space enthusiast, or a fan of fairy-tale characters, Wallyboards offers boards that will ignite their imagination and encourage spending time on creative play. Thus, magnetic dry-erase boards become not only an educational tool but also a wonderful gift that supports the development of the child on many levels.

Choose the perfect magnetic board for your child with the online configurator

Choosing the perfect magnetic board for your child is now easier than ever, thanks to the intuitive online configurator available on the Wally website. This modern tool allows parents and their little ones to design the board together, tailored to their needs and preferences. From selecting the size, patterns, and colors, to adding personalized elements like the child's name or favorite cartoon characters – everything can be customized in a few simple steps. The online configurator not only facilitates customization but also instantly calculates the cost of the product and the estimated delivery time, making the purchasing process transparent and hassle-free. With this tool, every parent can provide their child with a board that not only serves as a source of fun but also as a beautiful and unique addition to the child's room.

FAQ – Magnetic dry-erase boards for kids

Are magnetic dry-erase boards for kids safe?

Yes, all our magnetic dry-erase boards for kids are made from safe, non-toxic materials. Additionally, the edges of the boards are rounded to ensure maximum safety during use.

What accessories are needed to use a magnetic dry-erase board?

To use a magnetic dry-erase board, dry-erase markers and a sponge or cloth for cleaning are needed. Sets often also include magnets, which allow attaching notes or drawings.

Can I personalize a magnetic dry-erase board for my child?

Yes, we offer the possibility of personalizing boards, which includes adding the child's name, choosing colors, and patterns. This way, each board can be unique and adapted to individual preferences.

How to clean magnetic dry-erase boards?

Magnetic dry-erase boards should be cleaned with a special sponge or cloth for dry-erase boards. Regular cleaning ensures the long-lasting high quality of the writing and drawing surface.

Are the boards durable and resistant to damage?

Yes, our magnetic dry-erase boards are made from high-quality materials that are scratch-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring their long-lasting use.

What sizes are available for magnetic dry-erase boards?

We offer magnetic dry-erase boards in various sizes to fit the needs and space in a child’s room. Available sizes can be checked in our online configurator.

Can magnetic dry-erase boards be used for educational purposes?

Yes, these boards are an excellent educational tool that supports learning through play. With them, children can practice writing, drawing, and even learn letters, numbers, or the basics of foreign languages in an interactive way.

How can I order a magnetic dry-erase board for a child?

The order can be placed directly on our website using the online configurator, which allows adjusting the board to individual needs. After selecting the size, color, pattern, and any personalization, the order is ready to be processed.

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