Magnetic Dry-Erase Board In The Shape Of Toadstool House

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Magnetic Dry-Erase Board In The Shape Of Toadstool House

Discover the Magnetic Shape Board with a Unique Shape and Beautiful Colors

Let us introduce you to the world of the Magnetic Dry-Erase Board with a unique shape and beautiful colors, offering both functionality and aesthetics in one. The uniqueness of this product will meet the expectations of both children and adults, opening inspiring possibilities for writing, drawing, and pinning notes and magnets. Let us show you the unique features of this board that will delight you and make it an integral part of your environment.

Universal Size

The practical board with dimensions of 43 x 57 cm is an ideal addition to your interior. Upon request, we can customize the size of the board to your preferences.

Easy Erasing and Durability

Regardless of how long your notes remain on the surface, our board allows for their easy erasing. This way, you can always keep it in pristine condition, ready for more inspiring projects.

Easy erasing and durability
Easy erasing and durability
Multifunctionality of Markers

Creativity knows no limits, and neither does our board. You can use any dry-erase markers to create colorful and vibrant works that will invigorate your space.

Magnetism of the Board

Thanks to its good magnetism, this board becomes the perfect place to pin notes, photos, and drawings. You can easily organize your thoughts and ideas, creating unique compositions. We recommend magnetic mats and neodymium magnets for the board.

Magnetism of the board
Durable print and dry-erase across the entire surface of the board
Durable Print

Our board is designed for intensive use. The beautiful print in vibrant colors does not fade, maintaining its quality even with daily use.

Polish Production

Quality and durability are our mottos. The board was produced in Poland, in our factory, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Safety and Aesthetics

The board has no sharp edges, making it safe to use, while its minimalist design fits into any interior. With a thickness of 6 mm, the board nicely blends with the wall surface, creating a harmonious decoration that does not overwhelm the surroundings.

Easy Installation

Thanks to various mounting options (mounting tape, mounting glue, or mechanical installation), installing the board is quick and easy, requiring no specialized skills.

Safety and aesthetics of the board
 Magnetic Shape Board PVC
Board Size43 x 57 cm [width x height]
Board Thickness6 mm
Durability of Dry-Erase SurfaceHigh, the board can be easily cleaned even after several weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Glossy FinishExcellent dry-erase properties, for intensive use, may reflect light in sunlit rooms.
What to Write WithWe recommend Toma dry-erase markers - you can find them in the accessories section.
What MagnetsWe recommend magnets with a minimum diameter of 30 mm, magnetic mats, and neodymium magnets.
Mounting SurfaceAny surface.
Mounting MethodDouble-sided tape, mounting glue, or mechanical installation (screws, dowels).
Weather ResistanceYes, the board is entirely made of synthetic materials.
Order Processing Time

The order will be produced within 3 to 6 working days, after which it will be shipped.

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Magnetic Dry-Erase Board In The Shape Of Toadstool House
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Magnetic Dry-Erase Board In The Shape Of Toadstool House
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