Colour Magnets 10 Pcs.

Available quantity: 34 pcs.
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Colour Magnets 10 Pcs.

A set of round magnets with a diameter of 30 mm is an indispensable accessory for every fan of good organization. Magnets are ideal for use on boards and magnetic planners. Thanks to them, you can easily organize your notes, as well as conduct a meeting, conference or brainstorming.

Magnets are packed in 10 pieces each.

Mix of available colors - yellow, red, blue, green.

Product features

Pay attention! For dry-erase or chalkboards with elastic magnetic substrate, magnets with a diameter of at least 30 mm or neodymium are recommended. These magnets have a higher magnetic force and are better suited for this type of boards.

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Colour Magnets 10 Pcs.
Colour Magnets 10 Pcs.
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