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A house number plate is not only a practical element but also a unique decoration for any facade. Choose from a wide range of plaques that not only help in easy identification of your home but also highlight its character and aesthetics. Wally store offers a wealth of designs and styles. Here you will find classic, elegant plaques that add traditional charm to your home, as well as modern, minimalist designs, perfect for contemporary buildings. Each plaque is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring its durability and resistance to weather conditions.

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House Number Plate, Street

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Choosing the Perfect House Number Plaque

Choosing the perfect house number plaque is a key element of your home's aesthetics and functionality. At Wally, you will find a wide selection of plaques available in various materials such as aluminum, brass, acrylic, and PVC. We also offer different sizes to perfectly match your facade. The personalization options allow you to tailor the plaque to the unique character of your home by choosing the right color, font, and shape. Thanks to high-quality craftsmanship, our plaques are weather-resistant, ensuring their durability and longevity. Find a plaque that highlights your home's unique style and increases its visibility.

Durable and Elegant House Numbers

The durability and elegance of house number plaques are key features that ensure their longevity and aesthetic appeal. By choosing plaques from Wally, you can be confident that you are getting a product made from the highest quality materials such as aluminum, brass, acrylic, or PVC, which are resistant to various weather conditions. Properly selected house numbers are not only functional but also add charm and character to your facade. The right choice of materials and style ensures that the plaques will be visible and readable for many years.

Personalized Address Plaques for Your Home

A custom-made address plaque for your home is an excellent way to give your building a unique character. At Wally, we offer a wide range of customization options that allow you to tailor the plaque to your individual needs. You can choose the color, shape, font, and even add additional information such as the street name or house number. Personalized plaques not only enhance functionality but also emphasize the style and elegance of your home, making it more visible and welcoming to guests.

Easy-to-Install House Number on the Facade

Each address plaque in our offer is easy to install. The set includes all necessary accessories, and the intuitive step-by-step instructions will guide you through the entire process. Whether you are mounting the plaque on brick, wood, or concrete, you will handle this task without any problems. Its installation takes literally a few moments. We offer several practical solutions, from double-sided adhesive tape (the roll contains 9 meters – one tape is enough to mount many plaques) through screws suitable for various surfaces, to a metal post. The plaques can be drilled and cut to size.

Address Plaques at Wally Store

Our range of address plaques is constantly expanding. Among our products, you will find:

Take Advantage of Our Offer

Don't wait! Browse our extensive range of house number plaques and find the perfect one for you. Contact us if you need help choosing or want to order a custom plaque.

Frequently Asked Questions about House Number Plaques

Can a house number be on the fence?

Yes, a house number can be placed on the fence. This is a practical solution, especially if the building is set back from the property line and the number on the facade would be difficult to see from the road. Placing the number on the fence helps in identifying the property by couriers, emergency services, and guests. However, it is important to ensure that the number is clearly visible and complies with local regulations.

Is having a house number mandatory?

Yes, having a house number is mandatory. According to regulations, the property owner must place a house number plaque in a visible location within 30 days of receiving the notice of the assigned number. The absence of a house number can result in a fine of up to 250 PLN or a reprimand. The plaque should be readable and visible from the road, facilitating the identification of the property.

Is a house number plaque mandatory?

Yes, a house number plaque is mandatory. Property owners are required to place a house number plaque on the building facade or on the fence if the building is set back from the road. The signage must be visible and readable, which is crucial for delivery services and emergency responders. Failing to comply with this requirement can lead to financial penalties.

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