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Supporting management, organization, and communication in businesses through innovative signage systems and boards

Execute your projects without compromise. Move from concept to finished product faster. Leverage the full power of product personalization.

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Supporting management, organization, and communication in businesses through innovative signage systems and boards

From concept to execution. Custom solutions for demanding clients

Individual implementations

Individual implementations

Fast, efficient, without compromise

Custom orders are in our DNA. We can precisely tailor our offer to your individual requirements, allowing for the execution of even the most complex projects with the highest accuracy.

Quick quotes and delivery times

Quick quotes and delivery times

Efficiency at every step

Our store's configurator allows you to price individual products and estimate the time of order completion. You can count on transparency and predictability of costs and terms, which facilitates budgeting and project scheduling.

The largest base of ready-made products

The largest base of ready-made products

Over 3000 designs to choose from and inspire

Our rich assortment is a derivative of our experience. We have many product groups for businesses. If you don't find a suitable pattern in it – find inspiration in the store, and based on that, we will create an individual project for you.

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We provide functional dry erase and magnetic boards in any size and with printing.


We support process management through personalized boards and visual communication systems

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We offer personalized tools that help organize work and provide services

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Since 2009, we have been streamlining our logistical and production processes to deliver innovative high-quality products to our customers, ensuring individual service and approach.

You have specific requirements and don't know how to fulfill them

We understand you have unique needs. We offer custom solutions capable of transforming your requirements into real products. Our offer includes a wide range of personalizations, from materials to sizes and printing options. This allows us to carry out projects without compromise. We ensure that individual orders are executed with precision and consider the specificity of your company's brand.

You want to order production from one piece

We specialize in individual and personalized production. This means every project is important to us - regardless of its size. Thus, we can offer solutions precisely tailored to needs while maintaining high quality and attention to detail - even from a single piece. Our order fulfillment process ensures efficiency and eliminates errors, which translates to the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

You expect an efficient purchasing process

One of the things that set us apart in the market are quick quotes and deadlines for individual orders. This significantly streamlines our clients' purchasing process. Thanks to the online configurator of many product categories and clearly defined execution times, clients have full control over specifications, pricing, and delivery time of the finished products. Our well-organized production and post-sale processes, including customer service and project management, ensure smooth order fulfillment and complete satisfaction with the final product.

You need a product of high quality and durability

We understand the importance of adhering to high quality standards and industry norms, which is why every product is designed and manufactured with these requirements in mind. We pay great attention to the quality of components we use to create our products. During the execution of complex orders, we actively communicate with you to address potential risks and develop durable solutions. As a result, our solutions meet the expectations of even the most demanding business clients.

You're looking for a proven supplier

Flexibility and scalability are key aspects of our offer. We understand the dynamic nature of contemporary business and the need to adjust products to changing requirements. Wallyboards has production capabilities that allow adjusting the size and scope of orders, enabling our clients to easily scale their orders as their business grows and evolves. Over 11 years, we have completed more than 30,000 orders for business clients.

Meet our creative team!

Every company is made up of people, their collective work, and memories. From the beginning, we wanted Wallyboards to be a place with a family atmosphere, where really great things happen. Without them, there wouldn’t be me - Wallyboards!


CEO, Co-founder

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Product manager

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Customer Service Specialist

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Production champion

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Graphic designer

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IT Specialist

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Growth Hacker

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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As part of our commitment to CSR, we actively work towards environmental protection. We use recycled cardboard for packaging, avoid unnecessary fillers, reclaim materials, and packages. We use inks with safety certifications and meticulously sort our production waste. Our actions demonstrate a deep commitment to responsible environmental behavior.

Your Project from A to Z – How we work?

Every project goes through a standardized process that ensures the highest quality and aims for customer satisfaction. From the first contact through detailed quotation, designing according to your specifications, to production and delivery – we are with you at every step. You can track the status of your order through a unique link you receive at the time of ordering. We engage to ensure your project exceeds expectations. Always on time and within the agreed budget.

We believe that with us, your business can only gain. No matter how big or small your project is, we will help you realize it exactly as you want. We have the experience, the right technology, and we are flexible. With us, you will see how easy it is to commission individual production.

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