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Wall stickers

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Wall stickers are the perfect solution to bring a breath of designer fresh air and a new sublime atmosphere to virtually any space. They will give your rooms an original atmosphere, which will amaze every guest, which will come to the doorstep of your apartment or office. Decorative wall stickers were made using advanced printing techniques, so that the presented patterns are extremely clear and resistant to external factors. This way, they retain their unique aesthetic values for many years. Easy to install, the stickers can be quickly attached to virtually any surface. Our stickers are not just for walls! They are perfect for any flat surface, such as fronts of cabinets, furniture or glass surfaces.

Thanks to the variety of designs, the customer gains a wide margin for manoeuvre to express his or her individual preferences and realize his or her internal vision. Thanks to the fact that we are the manufacturer of our products, each sticker can be personalized especially for you! Choose your own color, size and even shape and enjoy a product perfectly suited to your preferences. Wall stickers are popular with customers all over the world, allowing you to increase the atmosphere of familiarization of the room. Thanks to this, the customer clearly feels that he or she has his or her own private place where he or she can effectively rest and regenerate the body's natural energy deposits.

Wall stickers - many themes and designs

Wall stickers allow you to create unique decorations reminiscent of hand-painted pictures or paintings made from stencils. Any graphic or text - for example a motivational quote - can appear on the wall in one chosen place, or create on several walls a collage, a picture story or a composition in the shape of a comic book. A large number of motifs, patterns, colors and shapes makes it possible to plan a whole complex composition from wall stickers. But if we only want to decorate a small area or to obtain an extremely delicate pattern, we have at our disposal stickers that are small or extremely delicate - a thin graphic line looks on the wall like a brush stroke or a marker.

Wall art decoration - the wall stickers can be applied to the wall in the form of a picture or a comic strip.

The arrangement of the wall with the use of stickers can therefore be very precisely planned, both with single and multi-colored elements. In addition, the fact that this way of decorating is really clean guarantees that the effects of our work will be visible immediately and we will immediately feel that the decorated interior takes on a whole new expression.

Stickers for furniture, doors or laptop

Decorative stickers successfully adhere to any relatively smooth surface. In addition to wall stickers, we can also buy stickers for doors or stickers for the closet. Stickers for children's rooms are a perfect solution. Thanks to them you can conjure up a fairy-tale scene on the wall or mask the dirt - if we do not feel like painting again. On the other hand, stickers on the interior doors are invaluable for those of us who would love to replace, for example, ordinary white doors with wooden ones, but for many reasons can not afford it. With help comes the traditional veneer or just stickers - they can conjure up from an ugly door leaf a designer masterpiece.

Well-fitting stickers are also a good way to decorate your laptop, fridge or mirror.

Check our assortment - wall stickers for everyone

Even if you have a very precise vision of the composition of stickers on selected walls and other surfaces of your home, it is always worth carefully review the assortment of the store, where you plan to buy. Not to keep changing your plans, but to make sure that this is really your final vision. Because the assortment of wall stickers is constantly expanding and a new design can become your next inspiration. In addition to regular wall stickers, you will also find 3D wall stickers. In addition to stickers made of self-adhesive film, those made of velour. Choosing can be difficult, but after all, you have a vision...

When decorating a child's room, it's worth giving the initiative to the little ones. Wall stickers can greatly stimulate their imagination and make children treat the wall as a painter's canvas and with pleasure create fantastic decorations on it. Such a decorated room will certainly be a source of pride for the child.

What is worth remembering when choosing wall stickers?

Deciding to buy wall stickers it is worth remembering that:

  • paints with a high content of latex, washable, stain-resistant and facade paints adversely affect the adhesion of stickers
  • sticker manufacturer can prepare for you a different size than the one given on the website
  • stickers are covered with a special transport layer, which ensures easy transfer to the surface to be covered - you do not have to cut anything out, remove unnecessary elements or think about the arrangement of the design on the wall
  • it is always necessary to check on which surfaces the stickers are intended to be mounted (metal, glass, furniture boards, walls painted with a particular type of paint) for efficient sticking of wall stickers you will need additional accessories, such as a plastic squeegee

An interesting solution are wall stickers in the form of inscriptions. Our favorite quote, motivating motto or words of a song can appear, for example, on the wall opposite the front door, above the bed or next to our desk - where our eyes fall most often. Reading wise and motivating words every day will certainly make the tedious routine easier to bear. And if you need something bigger and more spectacular - check out our range of wall murals!

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