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Velour stickers

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Wall stickers are very attractive visually and functional elements of room arrangement. Unlike other ways of decorating walls - painting, wallpapering, applying structural plaster, lining with panels - this one does not require hiring a specialist. Everyone can manage to stick even large and complicated forms on the wall. Depending on your preferences, we can choose foil or velour stickers, matt or glossy, from the catalogue or prepared on individual order. All of them are perfect not only for walls, but also for other smooth surfaces. Ready for changes? Velour or foil stickers are quick to install and have an immediate visual effect.

Velour stickers - is it a good choice?

Velour is a material with a velvety, pleasant to the touch texture - just like a fabric of the same name. Velour stickers are therefore ideal where not only the appearance of walls or furniture is important, but also decorative elements that are often touched. Hence their popularity in children's rooms and objects such as nurseries or kindergartens.

Velour stickers are a great choice when we want to make an electrical contact so that the wall around does not get dirty. They can be used wherever furniture meets the wall - at the head of the bed, or the most popular armchair in the house. Velour will protect the wall against wiping and dirt, and at the same time it will be so decorative that no one can think of it as a protective function.

Velour stickers for the hall can be used as a background for ordinary clothes hangers. A wall sticker in the form of a tree, to the branch of which the hangers are attached, may look interesting - it is not only a wall protection but also an extremely attractive decoration for the eye.

Velour sticker for all types of rooms

In each room we can design the application from small velour stickers. Where there are ceramic tiles on the walls - kitchen, bathroom - we can create an application giving the illusion of a mosaic. Small stickers applied on single tiles are easy and quick to install and give an immediate aesthetic effect. It is worth remembering that velour stickers for kitchens are as durable as foil stickers. It is also as easy to peel them off when we feel like changing the arrangement. Velour is easy to keep clean: any soiling is simply wiped off with a damp cloth or sponge.

It is worth knowing that velour stickers stick very strongly to the surfaces to be covered, including latex paints. The latter feature gives them an advantage over foil stickers that do not stick well to walls painted with high latex paints (washable, stain and façade resistant). Velour stickers on the wall are thicker and more plastic than those made of foil. Thanks to this they perfectly hide all irregularities and imperfections on the wall.

Velour stickers ideal for children

Colourful, soft and very durable velour wall stickers are perfect for walls, doors or furniture in children's rooms. The purchase of such stickers is often decided by parents arranging the room while waiting for their child. It is clean, fast and light work, which gives a lot of satisfaction. When we want to decorate the walls in an older child's room, it is worth asking them for their opinion. The choice of wall stickers is huge, so when the child indicates which ones he or she likes the most, we will narrow down our search. In a self-decorated room a young person will be more likely to keep order, learn or stay with colleagues, freeing the living room and common space from toys, blocks or games.

If not velour stickers, then what?

The decision about the material of which the wall stickers are made depends on the substrate on which we want to attach them and our preferences. Remember that the adhesive used in the production of wall stickers leaves no marks on the wall, glass or furniture. If velour stickers seem too elegant to us, let's reach for ordinary foil stickers. All modern wall stickers have the following features:

  • excellent durability and adhesion to the surface
  • easy and fast application
  • individual sizing possible
  • weatherproof
  • production using the highest quality materials.

There is no better solution when we want to quickly rearrange a room and decorate walls or other smooth surfaces than using velour or foil wall stickers. A large number of ready-made patterns, the possibility of ordering individual composition and size as well as reasonable prices make us more and more often resign from painting or wallpapering in favour of decorative stickers. We receive a finished product without the need to remove unnecessary elements or place decorations on the wall, even in the case of complex designs. Thanks to the transport layer, it takes literally a moment to move the sticker to the covered surface.

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