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Accessories for magnetic boards

Magnetic boards can be used in many ways. We can write after them with chalk or markers, we can also use them as a surface to organize, plan, communicate important information and more. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities they offer, it's worth buying a few accessories. In this section we offer useful gadgets that will not only make your work easier, but also make your learning more enjoyable.

What can you find in our range of accessories?

These include practical marker holders, including special handles for double-sided markers, and a shelf for markers and sponges, which is extremely easy to install. When it comes to assembly, foam assembly tapes can be useful. Once the board has been installed, you can start attaching various elements to it. People who have or teach children can use foam magnets - numbers, which facilitate learning mathematics, or colourful magnets in the shape of circles, available in larger sets. In companies and organizations, magnetic tapes, magnetic pockets and magnetic t-shirts for documents can be useful. Magnetic writing pads, magnetic clips and hook-shaped magnets are also interesting solutions. Lovers of simple and elegant design will surely appreciate metal and neodymium magnets in silvery colour, of various sizes. Thanks to these accessories, the use of magnetic boards can be much easier and more pleasant, gaining a visually pleasing setting.

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