Accessories for stickers and stencils

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The assembly of wall stickers is very simple, but this does not mean that mistakes cannot be made. Although we get a finished product without the need to remove unnecessary elements or place decorations on the wall, even in the case of complicated designs, thanks to the transport layer, it takes literally a moment to transfer the sticker to the covered surface, but...

But if we hurry up, we don't know what kind of paint the wall is painted, we take the task negligently, stickers can stick to the wall unevenly and not as we would like. Wall stickers are not reusable stickers and there is no way to stick them by trial and error. So what should you do to make sure that the arrangement of the walls goes quickly and without problems?

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Stickers and stencils assembly accessories

Before we choose specific wall stickers from the shop offer, let's check:

Accessories for stickers and all the stencils we use to decorate walls, glass or furniture make work much easier. Just like during wallpapering, it is important that there are no air bubbles underneath the stickers, which could cause the foil or velour to stick and deform.

Why is it so important to have the right accessories during assembly?

The right sticker accessories guarantee that each sticker - with its large shape, perfectly cut out text and even the tiniest element - adheres perfectly to the selected surface. A simple plastic sticker squeegee for stickers and stencils will make your task much easier. Trying to arrange and remove air of the sticker with a cloth or hands, we expose the delicate material to tearing or rolling. A double-sided squeegee allows you to slowly and methodically peel the foil off the substrate and carefully lay and then press it against the surface to be glued. Anyone who has ever had to deal with wallpaper or self-adhesive foil at least once knows that when properly glued, they immediately stick to the walls. But if we work without attention to detail, we won't miss out on corrections.

Wall stickers are really easy to assemble and do not require a specialist. However, it depends on our care whether decorating walls, mirrors or furniture will be a pure pleasure or whether we will have to make corrections. Stencil and sticker accessories are there to avoid these corrections. It is worth making sure that the installation of wall stickers is as quick and easy as possible.

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