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Accessories for chalkboards

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Accessories for chalkboards are a wide range of manoeuvres for manufacturers and users of chalkboards. Although they are associated primarily with school, they are also a great addition to apartments. Check which accessories will be useful to you when using chalkboards!

What can you find in our chalkboard accessories?

You will find among them, above all, school chalk in packages of several dozen pieces. White, colorful, to choose from. In order not to get your hands dirty and reduce the risk of breaking fragile chalk, we recommend practical plastic chalk holders. Simply insert a single chalk and enjoy the convenience of writing or drawing. For those who want to achieve an even higher level of precision when using chalkboards, we recommend Tom's special chalk markers, available in 6 attractive pastel and neon colours. The rounded, thin ends of these markers make it easy to create real works and attractive calligraphic inscriptions. Just like chalk, they can be removed with a damp sponge or cloth. In addition, shelves for markers, chalk and sponge, as well as a mounting tape for signs, are sure to come in handy.

You will find all this in this section. Do you need anything else? Let us know!

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