We have gathered all the essential information related to the operation of our store and the products offered in one place. If you haven't found the answer to your question, we are at your disposal and happy to answer all your questions. Please direct your inquiries to: [email protected].


  • What will the shipment look like?
    Shipments are sent in a secure, cardboard packaging.
  • When will I receive my shipment?
    Shipments are dispatched via the reputable courier service DPD. For courier deliveries, packages are delivered within 24-48 hours. After placing your order and dispatching the package, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to track the current status of your shipment.
  • What to do in case of receiving damaged goods?
    Remember to always carefully check the package in the presence of the delivery person. If you notice any damage to it - open the package and check the condition of your product. If it is also damaged, make sure to write a damage report, and also inform us about the situation.
  • Is it possible to pick up ordered products at the company's headquarters?
    If you are making a purchase for a company (VAT invoice), it is possible to pick up the purchased items at our company's headquarters, but a prepayment must be made beforehand.


Decorative stickers

Contour cut stickers


  • I would like to order wallpaper based on my own photo, is this possible?
    Definitely, please send the photo by email to [email protected], we will assess the quality of the photo and determine the maximum size of the wallpaper. If you are knowledgeable in graphics - the file must have at least 100 dpi at a 1:1 scale.
  • What is laminating for?
    Laminating is covering the print with a protective film, which increases the graphic's resistance to damage, minor scratches, etc. At the same time, the wallpaper becomes more resistant to UV radiation, thereby slowing down the fading process of colors under the influence of light.
  • What is the difference between glossy and matte laminate?
    Matte laminate does not reflect sunlight as well as artificial light present in the room. Glossy laminate will reflect any kind of light. Additionally, matte laminate hides minor imperfections of the surface that are highlighted by glossy laminate.
  • Are the colors on the prints 100% consistent with those on the screen?
    The colors of graphics depend on the colors displayed on your monitor screen, so they may vary depending on its type. Remember that slightly altered colors of the product do not constitute a basis for complaints, as they do not constitute a manufacturing defect.
  • Are the wallpapers printed with or without overlaps?
    Self-adhesive wallpapers, which consist of several parts, are printed with overlaps so you can easily match them. As for the other types of wallpapers - the choice is yours. We can prepare the wallpaper with overlaps or perfectly matched. A great advantage of overlaps is a greater tolerance for minor misalignments (they will not be as noticeable as when mounting wallpaper from edge to edge). Wallpapers mounted with overlaps have slight bulges, which occur at the joints.
  • Are stickers and wallpapers resistant to moisture and can I use them in the bathroom?
    For areas with increased humidity, you should choose the option of wallpaper printed on foil and additionally laminated. This is a protective coating that secures the surface of the wallpaper against external factors, so you can easily remove any dirt from it.
  • How to clean wallpapers?
    In our offer, we have two types of wallpapers: standard and laminated, and the way to clean them depends on their type. Standard wallpapers should be cleaned dry, while laminated wallpapers can be cleaned with a smooth, damp microfiber cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Will the laminate not peel off the wallpaper paper after cutting the laminated wallpaper?
    If you decide to cut the laminated wallpaper, it will not cause any complications or damage.
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