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Wall stencils

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Are you looking for original wall decorations? You do not want to hang pictures, wallpaper, because you dream of graffiti or a hand-made picture? Paint templates make it easy even for a layman to decorate the wall with a painting, which can be perfectly matched to the interior. This type of decoration is an inexpensive, but very effective way to give an individual character to any interior, without the help of specialists. The quality of stencils for painting walls from Wally allows you to reproduce even the smallest details and enjoy a beautiful interior for many years.

Wall painting stencils

Wall painting stencils adhere perfectly to smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, furniture or glass, so with a painting you can decorate any room and any wall that is not painted with paint with a high latex content. The application of a painting stencil on the wall itself is extremely easy and you don't need any experience or help from someone who has already encountered this way of interior decoration. Since a well-glued painting stencil adheres perfectly to the surface, regardless of the paint used, the effect is precise, with no streaks or unevenness. Stencils on the wall make painting with a brush, roller or a painting sponge easier.

Wide selection of designs

Painting with stencils allows you to carry out a quick metamorphosis of any interior. Wallyboards customers use them to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, corridors and bathrooms, drawing ideas from a very diverse catalog of patterns. There is no shortage of stencils for painting walls with animal or plant motifs, with oriental accents, patterns perfectly matched to a child's room. Among the stencils there are those for girls, boys, neutral, universal, for lovers of nature, pop culture or fairy tale characters. In the gallery you can find magnificent stencils to paint, thanks to which you can cover the whole wall, as well as those that will work on small surfaces, but still make the interior gain an interesting character.

Wall stencils are a quick way to change the interior

Wall painting templates allow you to easily apply a design to the surface of the wall. They have a transport layer and a self-adhesive film, thanks to which the effect is free of streaks or imperfections. Some stencils are disposable, others can be used several times. Wally stencils allow everyone to reproduce the chosen graphics in great detail. Decorating walls with them is easy and fast, and applying paint is precise. Customers can choose a design in any size, so any wall space can be decorated this way. The templates for painting walls are manufactured by a Polish company from high quality materials, which also has a positive influence on the final quality of the applied pattern. Sometimes just one stencil and paint is enough to give the interior a completely new expression. Add colors, warmth, emphasize the interests of residents of the premises and make an impression on every guest.

Are you looking for even faster way to add character to your four corners? Our wall stickers available in many colors and variants will surely appeal to you!

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