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Our offer, aimed at both individual and business clients, allows for precise customization of films to any surface, regardless of its size or shape. Thanks to an easy-to-use online configurator, you can quickly calculate the price and order a product that meets all your aesthetic and functional expectations. A wide selection of colors and patterns ensures that you'll find the perfect solution for every interior, and our magnetic decorative films will open up new design possibilities in your office. We commit to delivering only the highest quality products, ensuring their durability and resistance to damage. Choose decorative films from and transform your spaces with ease and style.

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Personalize your space with decorative films

In today's world, each of us desires an environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically tailored to individual preferences. Self-adhesive decorative films cut to size offered by enable achieving this goal in a simple and effective way. Thanks to a wide range of available patterns and colors, every client can create a unique space that reflects their personality and lifestyle. Whether it's about refreshing the look of a kitchen, living room, or office space, decorative films allow for a quick and economical transformation of any place. Additionally, the option to order films in precisely defined dimensions means they fit perfectly where they are to be applied, eliminating the need for cutting and fitting on site.

Online configurator: Decorative film by the meter

Budget planning for interior decorations can be challenging, especially when we want them to fit the specific dimensions of our space. meets these needs by offering an intuitive online configurator that allows customers to quickly and easily calculate the cost of custom-sized decorative films. The process is incredibly simple: just enter the dimensions of the desired film, and the system will automatically calculate the price of the product. This solution not only saves time but also allows for precise budgeting for interior decoration. Thus, customers can experiment with different options and sizes to find the perfect solution that fits their budget and needs without any surprises or additional costs.

Decorative films – a wide selection of colors and patterns

The availability of various colors and patterns is what distinguishes decorative films such as self-adhesive velour, flock cut to size from other decorative options. Whether you prefer subtle, solid colors that bring peace and harmony to your interior, or are looking for something more extravagant that will become the focal point of any room – you will find it in the offer. Patterns can mimic natural materials like wood, stone, or metal, adding elegance and character to the interior. For those who value modernity, there are also films with abstract patterns and vivid colors that will enliven any space. The ability to choose from such a wide range of options ensures that every project will reflect the user's personality and aesthetic preferences, creating a space where they want to spend time.

Magnetic solutions for your office

The modern office is a space that must foster creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. Magnetic solutions, such as decorative films with magnets, open up new possibilities for arranging such spaces. Imagine a wall to which you can attach notes, graphics, or project plans without the need for tape or pins. This is not only practical but also an aesthetic solution that allows for easy rearrangement without damaging the surface. Magnetic decorative films are perfect for open offices, conference rooms, or even home offices, where space organization must go hand in hand with its functionality. Available in various colors and patterns, they allow for the creation of a unique workspace that inspires and motivates action.

Application of decorative films in home and office

Decorative films cut to size find their application not only in homes but also in office spaces, combining aesthetics with functionality. At home, they can serve as a quick and effective way to refresh the appearance of furniture, walls, or appliances, adding a new character or concealing minor damages. In the office, films can be used to designate workspaces, create informational boards, or even as a branding element, showcasing the company's logo and colors. Their easy application and the ability to remove without leaving traces make them an excellent choice for rented spaces, where structural changes are limited. Thanks to decorative films, both home and workplace can quickly gain uniqueness and functionality.

Quality and satisfaction guarantee

Choosing decorative films cut to size, clients expect not only an aesthetic complement to their space but also products that are durable and easy to maintain. Providers of these solutions commit to delivering the highest quality films that are resistant to fading, scratches, and other damages, as confirmed by appropriate certificates. Moreover, customer satisfaction is a priority, meaning that in case of any application or fitting issues, there is a possibility of exchange or return. This allows clients to make purchases with full confidence, knowing that their satisfaction is paramount. Technical support and advice on choosing the best solutions are additional advantages that highlight the company's commitment to providing the highest quality service and products.

FAQ: Custom-sized decorative films

Can I order decorative films in a custom size?

Yes, our decorative films are cut to size, which means you can order exactly the size you need. Use our online configurator to specify dimensions and receive an immediate quote.

How can I calculate the price of a custom-sized decorative film?

To calculate the price, simply use our easy-to-use online configurator. After entering the dimensions and selecting the pattern and color, the system will automatically generate a quote for your order.

Are decorative films durable and resistant to damage?

Yes, all our decorative films are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring their durability and resistance to fading, scratches, and other damages.

Can I use decorative films in office spaces?

Of course! Our decorative films are perfect not only for the home but also for the office. Magnetic solutions of decorative films allow for easy organization of workspaces and are an excellent way to introduce company branding.

What are the application possibilities of decorative films?

Decorative films can be applied to various surfaces, including walls, furniture, appliances, and as magnetic informational boards in the office. A wide choice of colors and patterns allows for their adaptation to any interior, both at home and in commercial spaces.

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