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Thanks to the fact that our offer includes stickers with your own print, you too can create your fully personalized design, which we will then place on high-quality adhesive film. This solution is a great option for almost anyone who wants to create something completely new. Whether you run a company, are looking for a successful gift idea, or want to change the design of your products – here you will find everything you may need!

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Custom Printed Labels

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Personalized Sticker – What Can It Be Like?

What is most important to our customers is primarily the quality, durability, and design of the product they receive. Here, each sticker with your own print is developed with the utmost care, which makes it look great, and its precise execution means that you can enjoy the result for a very long time.

What can be on a personalized label or sticker? Really anything you need – you can design the sticker you have dreamed of. Depending on your interests, whether you want to receive a print directly related to the nature of your business, or if you want to make a gift for someone – its design will differ significantly. It can be assumed that the most popular are stickers featuring a company logo, text, action motivators, and also those serving as markings that facilitate navigation in a certain area and organization.

Large and Small Stickers with Your Own Print – Size Tailored to Your Needs

For us, the most important is the customer and meeting their needs, so our offer includes both large personalized stickers, which can cover a large area, and small ones – perfect for decorating small products.

In addition to size, the shape of the sticker is also crucial for the final visual effect, so you decide whether you want to keep a classic round or rectangular form, or if you care about something innovative and individual in a shape you design yourself. Interested? Check out our offer – self-adhesive labels in any shape on a sheet.

Gift Personalized Stickers – Birthdays, Weddings, and Other Occasions

Printed stickers are a great addition to a gift for almost any occasion. How is it possible that such a simple product can have so many uses? It's simple! Its uniqueness lies in the possibility of editing, which allows us to receive a design corresponding to the occasion. Whether you're organizing a wedding, reception, or birthday – personalized alcohol stickers are almost always an integral part of these events. With them, an ordinary bottle can become an interesting form of decoration, and the guests who receive it will gain a keepsake that reminds them of the great fun.

Besides, everyone likes to receive symbolic gifts, so personalized adhesive patches can be used as a nice gesture for no particular occasion. In such cases, it's worth creating an individual project containing a part of a favorite song, a scene from a movie, or a description of a memory you like to return to.

Custom Print Stickers for Your Company – Advertise Your Activity

Without a doubt, custom print stickers are most often used by business owners who use them for promotional purposes of their activities, as well as an element being a form of gift for clients and business partners. Why should every entrepreneur be interested in these products? The answer to this question is extremely simple – placing personalized stickers with the company's logo on its various products such as packaging, bags, cartons, or covers will ensure that information about it reaches more potential customers, and will also be better remembered by existing ones. Another proposition worth considering is gifting stickers to business partners and consumers who will be able to place them wherever they want. This nice gesture will fulfill two roles – decorative and marketing.

How to personalize a sticker for business needs? The best solution will be to create a design containing the company's logo or its logotype.

Stickers on Jars with Your Own Print – About What Can Help You Keep Order

Every cooking enthusiast knows how hard it is to keep order in a cabinet with spices and homemade jams. In the kitchen, every mistake can cost us a lot of unpleasantness, so if you want to increase your efficiency and at the same time make sure that everything goes according to plan – reach for jar stickers with your own print. How can they help you? Create a design for each food product that you keep in an unmarked container, place an order for a self-adhesive sticker, and then use it as a practical decoration for a jar or package.

This method works great in the food industry, so if you are wondering how to decorate and sign your products – with Wally it becomes much simpler.

Decorate School Supplies with Wally – Personalized Stickers for Children

Every child wants to express themselves not only through what they do but also through how they look and what they own. Therefore, you too can give them a lot of pleasure by ordering personalized stickers for children, which you will design together. The result of your work will be beautifully marked notebooks, folders, binders, and other school supplies, using them during lessons will be a source of joy and smile for the youngest explorers.

Personalized Stickers for Cars, Bicycles, and Motorcycles – Something for Motorization Enthusiasts

Every motorization enthusiast wants their vehicle to always look great. Apart from taking care of its cleanliness and efficiency, the design also counts, which can be enriched with personalized stickers for the car, motorcycle, and even bicycle. With them, you are able to create something completely individual, which will remind you of what is most important to you during every ride.

Printed Stickers from Wally – a Store Guaranteeing the Highest Quality and Durability

You already know that stickers with your own print are a product with versatile use, which serves both a decorative, informational, and advertising role. Therefore, they must perform well under different conditions and circumstances. Experiment with their design, never with quality – reach for what is durable and solid from Wally. By placing an order in our store, you are guaranteed to receive a product of the highest quality. We deliver stickers that stand out with precise execution, vivid colors, and also resistance to weather conditions. We encourage all interested to familiarize themselves with our full offer – we recommend, among others:

As you can see, you have unlimited choices, so today you can become another satisfied person who owns a self-created sticker – just place an order, upload your design, and then, if you have no comments, simply accept it. If you have any questions or doubts, contact us (call or write to email: [email protected]) – Wallyboards decoration store.

Why Choose Custom Stickers at

We deeply believe that by choosing dry-erase magnetic boards for children at, you are investing in your child's development, which will translate into their creativity and expressive ability. We invite you to contact our specialists who will help you find the perfect solutions. Learn more about the values we adhere to and why you should choose boards for children at Wally.

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