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Print your own sticker on your laptop

10,89 EUR 8,85 netto

The best stickers for your computer, laptop or notebook case. We guarantee photographic quality of printing and any size up to 45 x 30 cm format. The sticker can have straight or rounded corners.

The body of your computer will be well protected! Laminating protects against scratches, abrasions and minor mechanical injuries. It also provides color intensity by protecting colors from fading thanks to the built-in UV filter.

Try it out because it's worth it!

  • Protect the enclosure against scratches,
  • you will stand out from the monochrome crowd of thousands of the same devices,
  • you will install it yourself in a few minutes, no special skills are needed.

The sticker is equipped with a special adhesive so you can easily stick it on and peel off without leaving traces on the enclosure. If you want to cut out holes for logos, hinges or other accessories.

Highest quality

We offer decorations that always work. Each time you receive a product of the highest quality, without compromises and shortcuts. You have the security that you will get the best product and service on the market. Our production is based exclusively on branded materials of the German company Oracal. If anyway something unexpected happens during assembly, you have reservations about the product itself, we will not leave you alone.

Production time

When the payment is credited, your order will be processed within up to three working days. In case of payment on delivery we start production immediately.


If you want to frame a photo, please select the target size and comment when placing your order. Graphic designers will prepare a visual design, which will be printed only after your approval.

Please do not artificially enlarge the image before shipping. We accept files up to 80 MB automatically. For larger ones we provide FTP channel. Please contact us for access data.

The sticker has a full 24 month warranty.

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
You buy directly from the manufacturer
You buy from the manufacturer
We ship to all EU countries
We ship to all EU countries
Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases
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