Information Sign Reserved Space, No Parking T677, With A Field For The Company Name

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Information Sign Reserved Space, No Parking T677, With A Field For The Company Name

High durability of parking signs

Parking signs available at Wallyboards are coated with a matte laminate layer. They can be confidently hung both indoors and outdoors without any worry. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Even when exposed to prolonged sunlight or heavy rain, they remain perfectly legible and are not prone to fading or scratching. The signs are made from synthetic material – foamed PVC, which is characterized by durability, rigidity, and appropriate elasticity.

Durability of parking signs
Hassle-free installation of signs

Hassle-free installation of parking signs

Thanks to various mounting systems, our BHP and fire safety signs can be easily placed in any work environment. Their installation takes only a few moments. We offer several practical solutions, from double-sided adhesive tape (with 5 meters on a roll – one tape is enough to mount many signs) to screws suitable for different substrates, and even a metal post. The signs can be drilled and cut to size.

Parking sign on an aluminum post

Our store offers the option of mounting a parking sign on a durable aluminum post, which is an excellent solution for property owners and managers who wish to ensure clear and permanent marking of parking spaces. Mounting the sign on an aluminum post not only enhances its visibility and accessibility from a distance but also adds elegance and professionalism to the parking area's aesthetics. The aluminum post, available for separate order in our store when purchasing the sign, is characterized by high resistance to corrosion, varying weather conditions, and mechanical damage, ensuring long-term use. This solution not only raises the standards of using parking space but also contributes to better organization and management of parking spaces, which is key for traffic flow and user satisfaction.

Sign on an aluminum post

What distinguishes Wallyboards' parking signs?

Specifications of parking signs

The table below contains detailed specifications of the selected product.

  • 15 x 10.5 cm
  • 21 x 15 cm
  • 30 x 21 cm
  • 42 x 30 cm
  • 70 x 50 cm
Material foamed PVC, printed foil plus matte laminate
Thickness 5 mm
Mounting method double-sided mounting tape (foam), screws, cable ties, mounting glue, or aluminum post
Resistance to weather conditions yes, the sign is entirely made of synthetic materials.
Warranty 2 years

Delivery time

The order will be produced within a maximum of 4 business days from the date the payment is recorded. The parking signs will be delivered by courier to the specified address within two business days of dispatch.

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Easy methods to designate a parking spot as private

Designating a parking spot as private can be accomplished through simple and effective methods. Signs with the text "no parking – towing enforced" are one of the most effective ways to communicate restrictions and consequences for non-compliance. Painting special signs on the parking surface can further reinforce this message. Installing barriers or posts is another solution that provides physical protection against unauthorized vehicles. It's important that all these measures comply with applicable laws and do not infringe on the rights of other users. With these simple methods, a parking space can be effectively secured and reserved for authorized users.

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Information Sign Reserved Space, No Parking T677, With A Field For The Company Name
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Information Sign Reserved Space, No Parking T677, With A Field For The Company Name
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