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In our offer, you will find a wide selection of mounting systems that ensure both the durability and aesthetics of the mounted boards and plaques. Thanks to our mounting solutions, every product – regardless of its size or purpose – can be securely and stably mounted. Our mounting systems are designed to facilitate installation, while providing long-lasting durability and reliability. Our range includes mounting tapes, adhesives, as well as specialized posts and mounting systems for various surfaces, such as concrete, brick, or drywall.

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Glue Methylan SpezialSee more details

Glue Methylan Spezial

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Foam Assembly Tape OracalSee more details

Foam Assembly Tape Oracal

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Aluminum Post For PlatesSee more details

Aluminum Post For Plates

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Mounting System For Brick And ConcreteSee more details

Mounting System For Brick And Concrete

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Whiteboard Assembly System GypsumSee more details

Whiteboard Assembly System Gypsum

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Foam Assembly Tape OracalSee more details

Foam Assembly Tape Oracal

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Sturdy board mounting – choose the right system

Choosing the right mounting system is key to ensuring long-term stability and safety for boards and plaques. Our range offers diverse solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. From mounting systems designed for concrete and brick, through solutions for drywall, to specialized aluminum posts – each product is designed with ease of installation and durability in mind. The solidity of the mounting is our priority, which is why we only offer tested systems that guarantee your mounted boards or plaques will stay in place for many years, regardless of the operating conditions.

Mounting tapes – simple and effective solution

Mounting tapes are a versatile solution widely used in the installation of boards and plaques. Due to their simplicity of use and effectiveness, foam mounting tape enjoys great popularity among our customers. We offer tapes in various widths and properties – from foam tapes that perfectly absorb and level surface irregularities, to double-sided tapes with high adhesion, ideal for mounting on smooth and even surfaces. Oracal mounting tapes, available in our assortment, are characterized by exceptional durability and are resistant to weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Adhesives for wallpapers and boards – strong hold without compromises

Adhesives for wallpapers and boards are another category of products that deserve special attention. We offer a wide selection of adhesives that provide a strong and durable bond with various types of surfaces. Our range includes adhesives from renowned brands like Metylan, known for their high efficiency and ease of application. These adhesives are ideal for mounting wallpapers, as well as other decorative and informational elements. Thanks to a special formula, the adhesives bond quickly, ensuring a durable and aesthetic finish. Choosing our adhesives, you can be sure that the mounted elements will remain in place for a long time, without the need for frequent corrections or maintenance.

Aluminum posts – purity and functionality

Aluminum posts are not only practical but also elegant solutions for mounting informational, directional, and decorative plaques. Their minimalist design blends perfectly with modern office spaces, galleries, and other public places where aesthetics play a key role. Posts for plates made from high-quality aluminum guarantee durability and resistance to damage and weather conditions. Available in our offer, aluminum posts are easy to install and dismantle, allowing for quick changes of plaque locations without the need for complicated tools. This solution combines functionality with modern design, perfectly meeting the needs of businesses and institutions that value professionalism and aesthetics.

Mounting systems for various surfaces – concrete, brick, drywall

Choosing the right mounting system is crucial for ensuring stability and safety of mounted boards, plaques, or other elements. Our offer includes mounting systems designed specifically with different types of surfaces in mind, such as concrete, brick, or gypsum board (drywall). Each system has been developed to maximize adhesion and durability of the mounting, while minimizing the risk of surface damage. For concrete and brick surfaces, we offer special expansion bolts and mounting systems that provide solid holding even in challenging conditions. For drywall, we propose mounting systems that allow for quick and non-invasive installation, without the need for drilling. Thus, regardless of the surface type, we can provide an optimal mounting solution that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Plastic squeegee – an essential helper for sticker application

The plastic squeegee is a tool that significantly facilitates the installation of templates, wall stickers, photo wallpapers, and self-adhesive films. Thanks to its universality and simplicity of use, the squeegee has become an indispensable helper for both professionals and interior decoration amateurs. Made from high-quality plastic, it is durable and flexible, allowing for precise removal of air bubbles under the applied film, ensuring a smooth and aesthetic finish. The universal double-sided ORAFOL squeegee for applying templates and stickers, available in grey with dimensions of 7 x 10 cm, is the perfect solution for anyone who values the perfect appearance of their wall decorations. Whether you plan to apply a photo wallpaper, painting template, wall sticker, or self-adhesive film, the plastic squeegee will provide you with comfort and professional results.

Cable ties – essential accessories in mounting

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, are small but extremely important accessories in the process of mounting various types of boards, plaques, and other elements. Their main advantage is the simplicity of use and versatility – they allow for quick and secure fastening of cables, wires, and smaller mounting elements. Our offer includes cable ties made from high-quality materials, characterized by high tensile strength and resistance to external factors, such as moisture and temperature changes. Available in different sizes, these ties are an essential part of every installer's equipment, facilitating work organization and ensuring an aesthetic finish of mounted installations. Choosing our cable ties, you can count on reliability and durability, which are crucial for the safety and aesthetics of every installation.

FAQ: Mounting systems for boards and plaques

How to choose the right mounting system for my board/plaque?

The choice of the right mounting system depends on several factors, such as the type and weight of the board/plaque, the type of surface it will be mounted on (e.g., concrete, brick, drywall), and aesthetic preferences. For heavier boards on surfaces like concrete or brick, we recommend using special expansion bolts. For lighter boards and plaques as well as smooth surfaces, mounting tapes or adhesives are ideal.

Are mounting tapes durable and can I use them outdoors?

Yes, the mounting tapes available in our offer, such as Oracal foam tapes, are very durable and resistant to weather conditions. They are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing strong and long-lasting hold.

What are the advantages of using aluminum posts for mounting plaques?

Aluminum posts offer an elegant and modern solution for mounting plaques. Their main advantages are durability, resistance to damage and weather conditions, as well as ease of installation and dismantling. They are ideal for places where aesthetics are just as important as functionality.

Are the mounting systems easy to install for someone without experience?

Yes, our mounting systems have been designed with ease of installation in mind. Many of them, such as mounting tapes or adhesives, do not require specialized tools or advanced skills. For more complicated systems, such as those designed for concrete or brick, we provide detailed installation instructions.

Can I use adhesive to mount a dry-erase board on the wall?

Yes, our offer includes adhesives specifically designed for mounting dry-erase boards and other decorative elements on various surfaces. These adhesives provide a strong and durable connection, bond quickly, and are easy to apply. It is important to choose an adhesive suitable for the weight of the board and the type of surface it will be mounted on.

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