Magnetic pad maps

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Deciding on magnetic map overlays, you will make the spectrum of possibilities of the whiteboard you have been using so far definitely expand. Whether you use a school or office whiteboard in your work - in both cases the overlays will do a great job. Thanks to them, valuable notes, suggestions or the very process of explaining a given issue is much simpler. Don't believe it? Once you start using them, you certainly won't want to stop - because if you can make something easier for yourself, why not take advantage of it?

Magnetic wall overlay - maps that should be in every geography classroom

Learning geography, although it does not always come easily to everyone, undoubtedly, everyone has to face it. The more interesting the way of teaching, the easier it is for children to absorb knowledge, so with magnetic overlays depicting a map, education can become much more effective. With such a solution, you don't have to worry about accidentally blurring the outlines of a country or its city - its content depends on what type of map you choose.

If you want your students to verify their knowledge and skills on their own, let them practice their visual memory while working with a whiteboard with magnetic overlays. With a regular dry erase marker, they can easily make changes or start all over again.

Magnetic map overlays for the office - bet on modern solutions in your company

We all know perfectly well by now that magnetic map overlays are most often used in schools, but this does not at all mean that they are not used in other places as well. If your work is based on holding meetings, organizing conferences and performing tasks with a larger number of people, you will surely appreciate solutions that allow you to visually present a problem or its solution.

With magnetic map overlays, you can easily illustrate your concept, and importantly, its comprehension will be much easier for the audience. In fact, it all depends on what industry you work in and what challenges you face - in the transportation industry, this option will certainly surprise you positively. If the geographical aspect is not something that professionally concerns you, we recommend checking out other similar categories, among others: magnetic overlays, which include, for example, an overlay illustrating a sheet of paper in lines or in a grid.

Don't experiment with quality - choose magnetic map overlays from Wallyboards's offer.

When making a purchase, we face many dilemmas concerning mainly visual aspects, but beyond them we also realize that the technical data of a given product significantly translates into its durability. The magnetic map overlays available in our wall decoration store are an ideal option for anyone who wants to choose something proven without experimentation. Thanks to their versatility, you can use them for all kinds of whiteboards - both dry-erase and chalkboards. A boring tool can become something modern and multifunctional in no time.

Due to the attachment of the overlay to metal tools, you can easily change its place and use it where you currently need it. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the product is covered with a high-quality magnetic layer. This way you can be sure that when you use the overlay it will not change its location.

We create to order - customized magnetic map overlays

We want each of our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase and get what they really want. For this reason, we offer the possibility to create an individual design. Tell us what size magnetic map overlay you need, whether you want to enrich it with a logo or change its color scheme, and we will take care of the realization of the idea.

What else is worth checking before making a purchase? Magnetic map overlays are just the beginning

Looking for inspiration is often quite a time-consuming task, unless you have a proven place you already know is worth looking into. In addition to a wide selection of magnetic overlays illustrating maps, we also offer a number of other solutions including:maps stickers, maps stencils i map wallpaper. Familiarize yourself with the available options and enjoy the right choice!

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