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At Wallyboards, we offer a wide range of magnetic frames, OWZ frames, and snap frames that are the perfect choice for anyone who values both aesthetics and practicality. Available in many popular sizes and colors, our frames have been designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for the perfect way to display photos on the fridge, an elegant frame for presenting A4-sized diplomas, or a functional snap frame for quick content changes in the office or school – you'll find products that meet your expectations. We invite you to explore our offer.

A4 Magnetic Frame in Various ColorsSee more details

A4 Magnetic Frame in Various Colors

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OWZ Frame

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Magnetic Frame – Support in Communication

The A4 magnetic frame is a versatile tool that finds its application both at home and in office spaces. Thanks to its magnetic properties, it allows for easy and quick placement of documents, photos, or drawings on metal surfaces without the need for additional tools. It is an ideal solution for organizing workspaces, presenting important information, or as a way to showcase favorite memories in the home. A4 magnetic frames are also an excellent choice for teachers and lecturers who want to present educational materials in an attractive way.

Magnetic and OWZ Frames – Solutions for Education and Business

Magnetic and OWZ frames are excellent solutions for the educational and business sector, where frequent information changes are a daily routine. In schools, universities, and offices, these frames facilitate the presentation of educational materials, announcements, or work schedules. Their ease of assembly and the ability to quickly change content without tools make them extremely practical and effective in use. OWZ frames (otherwise known as snap frames), thanks to their snap mechanism, allow for rapid content updates, which is crucial in the dynamically changing educational and business environment. Both magnetic and OWZ frames, with their versatility and aesthetics, support the professional image of any organization, while also enhancing the functionality of the spaces used.

Magnetic Frames – A Wide Range of Sizes

Magnetic frames combine elegance and functionality, offering a wide choice of sizes and colors that will fit any interior and need. Whether you are looking for a small frame for notes or a large A3 magnetic frame for posters and announcements, you will find a product that meets your expectations. Their magnetic design allows for easy placement on metal surfaces such as fridges, boards, or partition walls, without the need for additional tools. It is the perfect solution for those who value the speed and ease of changing content, as well as for those who want their space to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Magnetic Frame for the Fridge – Decoration and Functionality in One

A magnetic frame for the fridge is not just a practical item but also an aesthetic addition to any kitchen. It allows for easy and quick placement of shopping lists, culinary recipes, notes, or family photos in the central part of the home. Since it is always within sight, it helps in organizing daily duties while adding a personal touch to the interior. Frames are available in various styles and colors, allowing them to be matched to individual preferences and kitchen décor. It's a perfect way to make small, everyday items part of the home decoration.

Magnetic Frame for the Office – Professionalism and Order

In every professional office, the organization of work space is key. A magnetic frame for the office is a tool that allows for elegant and convenient display of documents, schedules, project plans, or awards. Thanks to the simplicity of mounting and the possibility of quick content change, these frames are indispensable in a dynamic work environment. Placing them on metal surfaces, such as boards or partition walls, does not require tools, which further facilitates space organization. Using magnetic frames in the office is not just about functionality but also aesthetics – they help maintain order and a professional appearance of the workspace.

OWZ Frame – Quick Content Change Without Tools

The OWZ frame is an innovative solution for places where frequent exhibition changes are required. The snap-open system allows for the instantaneous exchange of content without the need for any tools. This is an ideal solution for galleries, schools, public spaces, or retail points, where information currency is crucial. OWZ frames not only provide convenience in use but also security for the presented contents, protecting them from damage or unauthorized access. Their universal design means they blend well with various interiors, simultaneously emphasizing the professionalism of the place.

Snap Frame – Safety and Ease of Use

The snap frame combines a high level of security with ease of use. Thanks to the snap system, content change is not only quick but also safe, which is especially important in places accessible to children, such as schools or kindergartens. These frames are also appreciated in public spaces, where there is a risk of unauthorized access. The solid construction provides protection against damage, while also allowing for easy replacement of posters, information, or graphics. This is a practical solution for anyone who values functionality and aesthetics.

FAQ: Magnetic and OWZ Frames

Are magnetic frames easy to install?

Yes, magnetic frames are very easy to install. Thanks to their magnetic properties, they can be quickly and effortlessly placed on any metal surface, without the need for tools or drilling holes.

Can I change the contents in OWZ frames without using tools?

Absolutely, OWZ frames are designed for ease and speed of content change. Thanks to the snap-open system, replacing a poster or information is possible in a few seconds, without the need for any tools.

Are the frames available in different sizes and colors?

Yes, we offer frames in many popular sizes and colors to match the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. Whether you need a small frame for notes or a large one for posters, our selection will surely meet your expectations.

Are snap frames safe in places accessible to children?

Yes, snap frames are safe and ideal for use in places where children are present, such as schools or kindergartens. Their construction protects the contents from damage, and the snap system prevents accidental opening by children.

How can I care for the frames to ensure they last a long time?

Caring for the frames is very simple. Regularly wiping them with a dry or slightly damp cloth will help maintain their aesthetic appearance. Avoid using strong cleaning agents that could damage the frame's surface or color.

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