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Retro posters

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We've all noticed that fashion is always in full circle. This happens both in the style of clothes and the way of life, but also in the interior design. What was fashionable a dozen or so years ago, often comes back to us like a boomerang - in the same or slightly modified form. For a long time now we can observe a return of stylistics, which once enjoyed true triumphs, and today is a determinant of really good taste. It is a retro and vintage fashion.

However, if you are not a fashion lover of the past and you do not really want to smuggle it into your wardrobe or arrange the apartment in this style - a few small accessories will make your interior will gain a really unique character and delight your guests. Such an addition can be creative posters in retro and vintage style. Check what are the differences and what proposals you will find in our offer!

Retro posters - the quintessence of freedom!

Retro posters will work well both in classic interiors, but also in those more modern ones, where they will completely break the convention and add an unusual character to it. In our offer you will find motifs from old advertisements, comics or floral patterns, so typical for retro style. Some of them refer to the popular American art of the fifties and sixties, which gives them a unique charm!

Vintage posters - for love of old times

What are the characteristics of vintage posters? Vintage is a style of old, past years. It draws on pastel, slightly dusty colours and things like those taken out of our grandmothers' cases and grandparents' wardrobes. This style is a bit more toned down and calmer than the retro style. We also managed to transfer this atmosphere to our vintage posters!

Where would retro and vintage posters work?

Literally everywhere! They will add romance and charm to women's bedrooms, make the living room even more cosy, and the vintage poster hanging in the kitchen will take us back to the times of our childhood and grandmother's kitchen. Our posters will surely charm young women who style themselves in the atmosphere of past times and surround themselves with objects from the past.

All our posters are printed on the highest quality paper and with the use of modern printing technologies. You can hang them directly on the wall or put them into an anti-frame, tailored to your interior. It is also a great gift idea!

Check out our retro and vintage posters and enjoy the atmosphere of past years in your own home!

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