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Painting stencil tree 1104

4,96 EUR 4,03 netto

Fenomenalne drzewo.

rozmiarwidth x height cm
base32,0 x 48,0
A x 1.548,0 x 72,0
B x 2.064,0 x 96,0
C x 2.580,0 x 120,0
D x 3.096,0 x 144,0
E x 3.5112,0 x 168,0
F x 4.0128,0 x 192,0
G x 4.5144,0 x 216,0
H x 5.0160,0 x 240,0

A disposable painting stencil with a transport layer to facilitate the transfer of the pattern to the selected surface. Self-adhesive foil provides an excellent final result without stains and the need to paint the connectors in reusable templates.

What makes Wally stencils so special?
  • Possibility of using any paint to make a pattern
  • Detailed graphics and no leaks
  • Easy and fast application
  • Can be customized to any size
  • Polish production with the use of the highest quality materials
On which to assemble smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) except walls painted with high latex paint (washable, stain-resistant and facade). Installation at least 14 days after the walls have been painted.
Stencil application without the help of specialists, the stencil has a transport layer.
What kind of paint any of them. The stencil adheres tightly to the surface, ensuring no leaks and accurate graphics.
With what to paint brush, roller, sponge, painting sponge
Duplication of the pattern up to 3 times - buy the right number of pieces, more copies - consider reusable stencil.
Included instruction and a sample of the template to be tested on the wall.
Time of production

The order will be manufactured within two working days after the payment is posted, after which it will be shipped.

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Over 39 thousand satisfied customers
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