Shaped chalkboards

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Every interior needs decoration and arrangement. Thanks to them you stay in it much more pleasant, and the room itself gains a new, unique character! Recently, the unquestionable star of the world of decoration turn out to be creative boards. On the market you will find a whole range of these practical, but also exceptionally aesthetic decorations - starting with boards in different colors, sizes, but also shapes. And it was the latter that revolutionised the wall decoration market!

Chalkboard House 393See more details

Chalkboard House 393

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Chalkboard Tractor 408See more details

Chalkboard Tractor 408

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Chalkboard Bear 295See more details

Chalkboard Bear 295

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Chalkboard Cat 193See more details

Chalkboard Cat 193

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Chalkboard Cottage 214

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Chalkboard Cloud 154See more details

Chalkboard Cloud 154

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Chalkboard Tree 122See more details

Chalkboard Tree 122

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Chalkboard 065 CatSee more details

Chalkboard 065 Cat

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Chalkboard Bubble 018

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Chalkboards in various shapes

Self-adhesive shape chalkboards are a great decoration for any interior. They can be used literally everywhere - from restaurants, cafes, kindergartens to children's rooms! What are their main advantages? The simplicity of installation, which will not be a problem even for a beginner, a wide range of colors and shapes to choose from, which will make the decorations unique and the possibility to write on them with chalk. It is not only convenient, but also very aesthetic solution!

Self-adhesive chalkboards for the children's room

Each of us once dreamed of a beautiful children's room, now we can make these dreams come true for our children! Why the boards will turn out to be perfect for our children's places? The richness of patterns and forms makes the room in which the board is located take on a unique character, and in combination with the appropriate decoration a parent has a wide range of decorative freedom, being able to create a truly fairytale land for his child. Let your child wake up in the company of a chalk fairy, or do his homework with a clever self-adhesive hippopotamus, which will not only please his eyesight, but will also be useful for making calculations or writing down the first words!

The board, apart from its purely functional aspect, also has exceptional visual qualities stimulating the imagination and development of the child. So ensure your children's development through great fun - after all, nobody said that learning must be boring!

Shaped chalkboards - highest quality and comfort of use

Our self-adhesive boards are made of modern and durable materials, thanks to which they are resistant to various types of damage that can appear even during long and intensive periods of use, and easy assembling makes the board ready for use within minutes after taking it out of the packaging!

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