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Chalkboard cottage 214

12,54 € with VAT
10,20 € netto
rozmiar width x height cm
base 58,0 x 75,0
A 87,0 x112,5
B 116,0 x 150,0

Chalkboards are a great way to spend time with your child and have fun that your child loves. Combine pleasant with useful - the self-adhesive board will become a great fun for your children and a practical place for colourful drawings, first letters or "golden thoughts" or important notes - for many years it will serve your child for fun and education, and you will keep the walls clean.

Self-adhesive chalkboard is also an excellent idea for an original decoration - fabulous shapes and rich design will create a fairy-tale land, which will become a favorable environment for your child's imagination. The unquestionable advantage of this product is its simple installation and comfortable use - it will not tip over like a traditional board and takes up much less space.

The self-adhesive board will be perfect as a family notebook! Place it in the kitchen and create a family forum of ideas. Shopping list, a short note for household members - the card will always get stuck somewhere and the board in a visible place will remind household members of what they should remember.

A self-adhesive chalkboard will be perfect for training facilities. For many years it will serve as a practical tool for lectures and trainings.

simple assembly

Thanks to the self-adhesive surface you can easily stick the board on the wall, wardrobe, door or table and you can easily unstick it at any time.

Why choose a chalkboard?


We realize the boards within 3 to 5 working days.

Please note - paints with high latex content, washable, stain-resistant and facade paints adversely affect the adhesion of self-adhesive boards. If you decide to create a decoration on this substrate, you do it at your own risk, as we do not accept complaints related to these paints. In such a situation, we recommend the use of boards on a PVC undercoat

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