How to remove a permanent marker from a dry erase board? We suggest what you can wash it off with!

Have you ever accidentally used a permanent marker on a dry erase board? If so, you are surely aware of how difficult it is to remove such marks. In this article, we will provide tips on how to deal with this issue. Importantly, with our advice, you will learn how to remove permanent marker from a dry erase board without causing damage. Enjoy reading!

How to remove permanent marker from a board? Effective methods to eliminate traces

How to remove permanent marker? Removing it from a dry erase board can be quite challenging, but there are effective methods that can help in this situation. Firstly, it is worth using alcohol-based solutions that help dissolve the marker ink. You can use, for example, isopropyl alcohol. Additionally, a great solution is to utilize the properties of extracting gasoline and dry erase markers. Regardless of what you choose, it is advisable to first test the substance on a small, inconspicuous area of the board surface. Wondering why these three products are recommended? We will explain!

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Using isopropyl alcohol guarantees effectiveness in stain removal

The first and most effective way to remove permanent marker from a board is to use isopropyl alcohol. This chemical compound, also known as propan-2-ol, is commonly used in industry and medicine, but it is equally effective when it comes to household cleaning.

Before applying alcohol to the board, we recommend conducting a small test to ensure that the material from which the board surface is made will remain undamaged. Although isopropyl alcohol is safe for most materials, it is always worth being certain. After confirming safety, soak a piece of clean cloth or sponge with alcohol and gently wipe the board with it. Patience is the key to success here – some stains may require several repetitions.

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Extracting gasoline – effectiveness in dealing with permanent markers

Isopropyl alcohol is just the first product you can use to remove permanent marker from a board – what is the next one? The second effective method is using extracting gasoline. In the chemical industry, extracting gasoline is used to extract fats, oils, and other organic substances. Like isopropyl alcohol, it is very effective in removing tough stains, such as those left by permanent markers.

As with alcohol, it is advisable to first test gasoline on an inconspicuous area of the board. If it does not cause any negative reactions, you can proceed with the cleaning. Remember to always work in a well-ventilated room as extracting gasoline has a strong odor.

Dry erase marker – the final method to remove permanent marker from a board

The last but equally effective solution is to use a dry erase marker. Although this may sound somewhat controversial, this technique has gained recognition from many people and is recommended by some marker manufacturers. By applying dry erase ink over the permanent ink, we can remove both inks together, and moreover, the whole process is safe for the board surface. The only drawback may be the need for several attempts to completely remove the unwanted marks.

How to remove permanent marker from a board using its dry erase variant?

  • Apply a layer of dry erase ink directly over the permanent marker stain.
  • After a while, when the ink starts to dry, simply wipe the board with a cloth – in most cases, the stain will disappear.
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A few words in conclusion, or drawing conclusions on how to remove permanent marker

Whether it's isopropyl alcohol, extracting gasoline, or a dry erase marker, all of these methods are effective in dealing with permanent marker stains. It is important to remember that regardless of the method, it is recommended to first test the substance on an inconspicuous area of the board to verify how the board surface reacts to it. Also, patience is crucial – some stains may require several attempts.

We are confident that with this knowledge, you will easily handle the task of removing permanent marker stains from a board. If you would like to read another equally valuable article, for example, about how to clean dry erase boards or purchase accessories suitable for various board surfaces, be sure to visit the Wallyboards store website.

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