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Custom size magnetic whiteboard

10,57 € with VAT
8,59 € netto

The universal whiteboard is available in two versions to choose from - flexible self-adhesive and stiffened with PVC. The practical whole is complemented by magnetic properties, thanks to which you can attach important notes to its surface and your work will become much simpler and more comfortable.

Use it
  • during trainings, meetings and conferences,
  • in offices and home offices,
  • in schools and training rooms,
  • within the living space.
What will you love our board for?
  • Easy wiping of subtitles even if they stay on the board surface for a long time!
  • Safe to use and frameless.
  • Available in any size, with the possibility of creating individual graphics per order.
  • Weather-resistant. The board is entirely made of plastic.
  • Easy assembly, which you can do without the help of specialists.
  • Polish production and modern design.
  Self-adhesive board PVC board
Board thickness 2 mm 5 mm
Durability of the surface High, the board can be easily cleaned even after a few weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Gloss finish Excellent dry-erase properties, for intensive use, can reflect light when working in sunny conditions.
Matt finish Slightly inferior dry-erase properties, may require cleaning with board cleaner, does not reflect light.
How to write on the board We recommend Toma dry-erase markers - you will find them in the accessories section.
What kind of magnets We recommend magnets with a minimum diameter of 30 mm and neodymium magnets.
Assembly Sticker form, just pull off the security paper. You do not need any tools! Double-sided tape, mechanical assembly (screws, pins).
Assembly surface All smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) with the exception of walls painted with paints with high latex content. Any surface.
Weather resistance Yes, when glued to a non-absorbent surface - sheet metal or plastic. Yes, the board is made entirely of plastic.
Board size limits If both dimensions (width and height) exceed 120 cm, the board will be made in elements.

If the dimensions of the board on a PVC backing exceed 275 cm in total, please choose a large-size delivery when placing your order.

Time of production

The order will be produced within 2 to 5 working days after the payment has been credited, after which it will be shipped.

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Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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