Custom-sized Magnetic Whiteboard in an Aluminum Frame

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Custom-sized Magnetic Whiteboard in an Aluminum Frame

In our online store, you can find chalkboards with a 16 mm thick aluminum frame that have excellent dry-erase properties. They are suitable for various settings where additional writing space is needed.

With this solution, you can maintain order in the office, and all necessary charts, documents, and projects will always be within sight. We offer the option of product personalization so that everyone can customize the chalkboard according to their needs. It is also possible to create a custom-made frameless chalkboard with a thickness of approximately 0.6 mm, which is suitable for built-in applications.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Chalkboard with an Aluminum Frame in Matte or Glossy Finish

When choosing the type of finish for the magnetic dry-erase chalkboard, it is worth considering the conditions in which it will be used. If the product is to be installed in highly sunny areas, the optimal choice would be a matte finish that does not reflect light.

However, if the board will be intensively used, and excellent erasability without the need for a cleaning solution is essential, we recommend choosing a glossy finish.

Where Can the Magnetic Dry-Erase Chalkboard with an Aluminum Frame Be Used?

The magnetic dry-erase chalkboard in an aluminum frame is suitable for taking notes, scheduling, drawing charts, or assigning tasks to employees.

It works great in:

It is characterized by excellent magnetic properties (can hold even heavy magnets) and easy erasability, even after several weeks. The product is intended for indoor use. Additional elements, such as Toma dry-erase markers or magnetic marker shelves, are available in the Accessories section.

Customization Options for the Chalkboard

When placing an order, simply choose the preferred size and the color of the frame and the dry-erase surface. A few mouse clicks are enough to customize the product to your own preferences. There are several board colors to choose from, and you can select a silver, white, black, or blue frame, as well as corner pieces in three colors.

What are the Advantages of Wally's Customizable Magnetic Dry-Erase Chalkboard with an Aluminum Frame?

Product Specification
  Board with Frame Frameless Board
Board Thickness 16 mm ~0.6 mm
Durability of Dry-Erase Surface High, the board can be easily cleaned even after several weeks. Its properties do not deteriorate over time.
Glossy Finish Excellent dry-erase properties, suitable for intensive use, may reflect light when used in sunny rooms.
Matte Finish Slightly lower dry-erase properties, may require the use of a cleaning solution, does not reflect light. Can also serve as a projection screen.
Writing Instruments We recommend professional dry-erase markers - you can find them in the Accessories section.
Recommended Magnets Any magnets
Color Options Choose from 11 board colors, 4 frame colors, and 3 corner colors
Mounting Method The board has a hidden hook-like mounting system. The board does not have a mounting system. The board has sharp edges, so it needs to be built-in or framed. Our product combines a sturdy 0.5 mm thick metal base with a dry-erase surface. Upon request, we can add an MDF board to create a reinforced board with a thickness of approximately 6.5 mm.
Weather Resistance The board is intended for indoor use only, in moisture-free environments. However, if you need a board for outdoor use or for a space with high humidity, please contact us!
Production time

The order will be produced within 10 working days after the payment has been credited and will be shipped. In the case of large orders, the deadline for realization is set individually.

This product is made to order, according to specifications provided by the customer, and produced upon placing an order. Please consider your purchases carefully.
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Custom-sized Magnetic Whiteboard in an Aluminum Frame
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Custom-sized Magnetic Whiteboard in an Aluminum Frame
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