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Murals with forest and tree motifs gathered in this category are a real treat for nature enthusiasts and forest trips lovers. We guarantee high quality of products and a wide range of choice, thanks to which you will easily find a design that matches your preferences.

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Forest Wallpaper 0245See more details

Forest Wallpaper 0245

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Deer, Hind Wallpaper 0225See more details

Deer, Hind Wallpaper 0225

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Palm Trees 0216 WallpaperSee more details

Palm Trees 0216 Wallpaper

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Forest Road Wallpaper 0132See more details

Forest Road Wallpaper 0132

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Palm Trees Wallpaper 0122See more details

Palm Trees Wallpaper 0122

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Wallpaper Rock Cave Fp 6470See more details

Wallpaper Rock Cave Fp 6470

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Trees 050 Room WallpaperSee more details

Trees 050 Room Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Trees 049

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Forest wallpaper - especially for nature lovers

Decorating interiors is for many people a demanding task, which they undertake with great commitment. The multitude of motifs can overwhelm, so it is worth answering the question about preferences, needs and interests. So if you are a nature lover, bet on a forest photo wallpaper. Stylistics based on nature accents are very popular for many reasons. One of the most important are the high aesthetics of the proposed wallpapers, the accurate reproduction of details and the impressive intensity of colors, which make all the projects exceptionally impressive.

In addition to the visual appeal, a tree wallpaper will give you energy, allow you to catch your breath during a busy day and make every free moment more pleasant. You will not always have the opportunity to go for a walk, but every day you will find a few minutes to sit in a comfortable armchair and looking at a self-selected photo of the view, move your thoughts to the charming forest, to feel the fresh air and remember the smell of bark or forest litter after the rain.

Tree wall murals will give you the energy to catch your breath during the busy day.

Forest wallpaper - your way to an interior with character

Wishing to arrange a given space with taste and in accordance with trends, you don't have to reach for complicated or avant-garde patterns right away. It is enough to draw from what nature offers us, and its beauty is after all unique and timeless. A photo wallpaper of a tree or a forest will bring captivating associations into your home, give your interior energy and make staying there a pure pleasure.

If you want to create a distinctive arrangement, bet on intense colors - juicy greens and eye-catching autumn colors, such as browns, yellows and reds. The colors of forest wall murals in summer or autumn editions, combined with other elements of graphics, for example views, will look beautiful and provide a sense of contact with nature and a fantastic visual experience. Thanks to the vivid colors, rooms will begin to emanate a truly positive energy.

Interiors with character you can also arrange in the opposite way, so choosing gloomy compositions in the form of wall murals with trees mysteriously emerging from the mist, or motifs based on dark colors, contrasts and play of light. Leafless branches, dry boughs or images depicting a winter forest are perfect proposals for rooms in a modern style, as well as for bedrooms, where calmness, relaxation and tranquility are especially important.

Variety of applications and ease of matching wall murals with a tree motif

The proposals available on our site are very diverse, and at the same time are distinguished by a certain timeless and universal character, so they go well with other furnishings. A photo wallpaper of trees in intense, warm colors gives the chosen room a cozy and guarantees a sense of pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the variety of colors - yellows, reds, dark browns - you can easily match the model to the color of furniture, upholstery of armchairs, parquet floors, carpets or other important accessories. They will be fantastically harmonious and complement each other.

In a very simple way you can achieve an interesting effect in the form of unification of leading accents against the background of less distinct shades. Another, equally designer method is to incorporate a bright and vividly colored wallpaper into the interior design on the basis of contrast. In turn, forest wallpapers in cooler or more subtle colors perfectly fit into minimalist and modern apartments.

Deciding on a particular composition, it is necessary to take into account the specificity of the room in which you want to install it. In the bedroom, delicate, subdued colors, which will help you to calm down and relax, will pass the test. For a bathroom we recommend a wall mural of a forest in the rain or with a stream, waterfall or a lake in the frame, thanks to which you will get a refreshing effect. In the living room, on the other hand, it is worth betting on intense colors, which will stimulate the atmosphere, attract the eye and make the time spent with your family more pleasant.

Forest wallpaper - detail or panoramic shots?

The choice of a particular forest wallpaper should depend on your preferences, but also on the type of room. If you have a smaller space, we recommend choosing panoramic and spatial shots, which allow you to optically enlarge the interior. However, if you want to achieve a cozy effect, a great solution will be to buy a wall mural of a tree in a close-up or a photo of a single branch of leaves or blooming flowers in a large enlargement.

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