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Footbridges and bridges are a motif that designers and architects from all over the world like to reach for. It is a perfect complement to bright interiors, where the atmosphere of mystery, ambience and figurative symbolism is supposed to reign, where one's own imagination is reflected in the fact of what is on the other side. The perspective of a footbridge or a bridge passing into the open space of a lake, river or sea adds lightness to the interior. Therefore, it is perfect as a decoration for a living room or living room, but also for a bathroom or kitchen. Wall murals with this motif are a perfect proposal for an original decoration for any type of interior, to easily and quickly change your apartment, without the need to organize a major renovation. Photowallpaper can be ordered according to individual sizes.

Wallpaper Pier Fp 1632See more details

Wallpaper Pier Fp 1632

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Wallpaper Sunset Fp 1865See more details

Wallpaper Sunset Fp 1865

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Wallpaper Ocean Fp 1842See more details

Wallpaper Ocean Fp 1842

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Wallpaper Web Fp 5914See more details

Wallpaper Web Fp 5914

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