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Large, well-lit apartment provides comfort of everyday life, but not everyone can enjoy such a place. However, this does not mean that a small room or a narrow kitchen cannot guarantee comfort and make the impression of being more spacious. The 3D wallpapers that you will find in our offer help you to optically change the size and proportions of the interior.

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Triangles 3D Wallpaper 0246See more details

Triangles 3D Wallpaper 0246

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Green Leaves 0218 Wallpaper

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World Map Wallpaper 0137

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Wallpaper Golden Leaves 098

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Wallpaper Triangles 027

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Wallpaper enlarging the interior

Although single-family housing and comfortable developer flats are very popular, there are still many people living in cramped flats made of large slabs. Tiny stoves, not much larger rooms and narrow corridors are overwhelming and make a claustrophobic impression. You do not have to accept such conditions. Properly selected wallpaper enlarging the interior can make the metamorphosis of the interior, and you will get the impression that the kitchen, living room or hallway gained a few meters of space. What is the secret? This is an effect of optical illusion, which is caused by a special image with depth. 3D wall murals are usually compositions with a distant horizon line, a long corridor, a spacious meadow or a square disappearing in the distance, which even encourage you to reach out and immerse yourself in the wall. The latter simply disappears, replaced by an attractive, invigorating landscape or a shady passageway.

Spatial wallpapers

Another interesting way to modify the proportions of the interior are spatial wall murals. The compositions presented on them are usually open, without limitations in the form of contractual frames, which are created by other elements of the landscape. An example of spatial wallpapers for kitchens, hallways or bathrooms are paintings of brick walls, piles of wooden logs, water without visible edges or sky - or rather a fragment of it cut out of a larger whole. Such decorations, placed on the whole wall, create an impression of infinity, as if they were extending beyond the room. Abstract compositions, often based on the principles of pop-art art, are also a separate category of 3D wallpaper. Their special feature is the dynamics, thanks to which the room gains in attractiveness, colours and often also size.

3D wallpapers available on Wallyboards

Three-dimensional or spatial wall murals are compositions that you can use in any interior. It is possible thanks to the abundance of graphic designs, colours and diversified themes of images. In our collection you will find wall murals enlarging the hallway, as well as motifs suitable for the living room, kitchen or bathroom. Special attention should be paid to 3D wallpaper for children - colorful, rich in fairy tale motifs, collections of toys or depicting a vast football pitch. An interesting decoration of the toddler's room, which will also enlarge the room, will be an underwater stage from a fairy tale and Arielce. For older children you can choose wallpapers with scenes from Star Wars or cartoons. Using wall decorations you can also enlarge the bathroom, while creating a specific atmosphere of the SPA. The best wall murals for the bathroom are compositions with water, greenery, stones and sand in various arrangements.

Wallpapers 3d on Wallyboards

The collection of 3D wallpapers in our shop contains many attractive compositions that can optically enlarge your interior. You will find here, among others, landscapes with bridges, both those bathed in green and in the surroundings of urban buildings. A similar effect will allow you to get the motif of the escalator. These are excellent wall murals for enlarging a hallway, but they are also suitable for a vintage or modern living room. In the retro climate there is also a black and white composition with a typewriter, ideal for a stylish office. In turn, to the bathroom we propose a motif of shimmering sheet of water or a night view of the pier on the sea. The collection will also include compositions for children and the bedroom. Atmospheric atmosphere will help to create a wallpaper with rain drops, a night photo of Paris or the bokeh effect. For interior design in vintage style we recommend motifs of an old clock or peacock feathers, and for modern stylizations - the view of a mural with colorful crystals, compositions with smoke in many different colors or stylized octopus with a cigar.

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