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Wallpapers for kitchen

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About the kitchen is said to be the heart of the house, but you should also remember that this is a place where you spend a lot of time simply working - even people who love cooking admit that preparing meals is not just a pleasure. So it's good that the kitchen should be as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. If we have had enough of traditional kitchen arrangements with ceramic tiles in the main role, let's reach for wall murals that can be used in many ways - not only on the wall. Modern wall murals are suitable for all smooth surfaces and can be used in the kitchen arrangement in a way that maybe you did not consider at all....

Types of wallpaper that will work in the kitchen

Laminated wall murals will do well in the kitchen. High temperatures, water vapour, splashes of grease or other easily staining substances will not miss the wallpaper on the wall. The smooth surface of the laminate will allow the wallpaper to be wiped off with a damp cloth. It will also be more resistant to dirt and will look as good as new on the wall for longer.

Whether you choose classic wallpaper for your kitchen wall or the 3D version, the kitchen layout has to decide. In most cases we have at our disposal one or two walls suitable for wrapping. Most often we reach for a laminated wall mural glued between the top and bottom index of cabinets, or non-laminated - when it is the decoration of a wall away from the stove, sink and dishwasher.

Photo Wall Murals for the kitchen - arrangements

Sticking a wall mural between cabinets is a good solution if you spend a lot of time on a worktop. All you have to do is raise your eyes and you have a beautiful view in front of you. The space between the upper and lower cabinets can be treated as an additional... The window to the world. Instead of railings with hanging kitchen utensils, let's have a fairy tale island or beach in view. If the kitchen is small, wallpaper with perspective photography will optically enlarge it and give the illusion of depth.

The wallpaper can also be placed on the counter top. Covering a worktop with a wall mural is the same as covering any other flat surface with self-adhesive foil or wall stickers. Fruit or floral motifs will work well on the countertop. We can also choose wallpaper with any texture printed on it (stone, wood) and treat it as a rescue in a situation when the original worktop needs to be refreshed.

Wallpaper for kitchens instead of tiles

More and more often we give up ceramic tiles in the kitchen. They can be replaced with panels made of tempered glass, on which any overprints are applied. You can also choose a laminated wall mural or combine glass panels and wall murals in one arrangement. Then we stick an ordinary wallpaper with a chosen motif on the wall and hide it behind glass - behind the panel without printing.

Individually selected wallpaper will ensure the uniqueness of our kitchen. After all, we can choose not only from among ready-made designs, but also order a wallpaper made from photographs taken by ourselves or designed with our individual aesthetic needs in mind.

Wallpaper for the kitchen - expressive or delicate?

The whole room arrangement determines the choice of a kitchen wall mural design. In traditional kitchens, where pine wood furniture and jealousy dominate, it is worthwhile to stick your wall murals in delicate patterns: floral, fruit, pastel colors. Modern industrial style kitchen is a place where you can find a panoramic wallpaper, expressive in form and color - so to speak: completely unkitchen. Yes, in such a kitchen you can afford a wallpaper with a panorama of the big city or interesting architectural details.

Regardless of whether we choose classic or modern wallpaper, laminated or under glass, we should choose such patterns so that our kitchen is as individual as possible. To make it a pleasure for the household members and guests. Photo wallpaper works perfectly in the kitchen instead of tiles - and when it is treated, it is much easier to change it.

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