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School whiteboards, chalkboards

School is a place we can't imagine without boards. Daily lessons, lectures, exercises - all this could not have happened without them! I think that each of us has many times kept a piece of chalk in our hands and drew first words or mathematical equations on the school board.

School and academic boards

We spend long hours with them solving complicated challenges, learning new skills and writing down first letters. Dry erase and chalk triptychs are very popular. Their extendable arms increase the surface of the whiteboard, which gives us a large surface and freedom of writing without the need for constant erase, which allows for non-stop work in perfect focus. This is a great compromise between modern and traditional whiteboards. In the first years of learning, you should even use a chalkboard and a piece of chalk, because they are definitely more developing children's skills!

Magnetic overlays - a convenient solution for schools!

Another solution that is becoming more and more popular in schools are magnetic overlays. This universal product can be used to repair an existing whiteboard by overlaying a new surface or changing the character of the board. Thanks to this, you can change the surface of the whiteboard in just a few minutes and without erasing, washing or getting your hands dirty. This is an amazingly convenient solution, which makes it possible to adjust the whiteboard perfectly to your current needs at any time!

Thanks to our magnetic overlays, each room can be transformed into a music or geographical classroom. This is a great solution not only for high schools, but also for primary schools, where all lessons usually take place in the same room. Thanks to the magnetic overlays, you can easily teach every lesson in it, without the time-consuming and expensive purchase of several boards.

Where will our whiteboards and magnetic overlays work?

  • Schools and classrooms,
  • academic lecture rooms,
  • laboratories,
  • the audience.

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Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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We ship to all EU countries
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