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The list of your goals, dreams and plans is constantly growing? Proper organization of your time and plans will help you free your head from the clutter of thoughts and responsibilities. Write down all your tasks, ideas and inspirations and step by step aim for a better, more organized life! Check out our wide range of weekly dry erase boards and make yourself comfortable - both at work and in everyday life!

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Weekly planner - get organized!

With our week planners, you will not only be able to take control of your work, your daily household chores list, but also your shopping list, your home menu or your professional projects. Why are our dry-erase planners so popular? It's all thanks to our top quality dry erase board surface! You can write all your plans and tasks on the surface and your writing will not leave unsightly marks, even if you leave it on the board for a long time! Our planners are perfect for your apartment, home office or company! Use them to plan your personal goals or treat them as an indispensable tool in your work.

In our offer you will find both minimalist week planners and women's week planners for the office. You can choose from traditional dry erase boards or opt for the magnetic version, which will make your planning process even easier and more organized each week.

Magnetic weekly planners - plan ecologically

Returnable dry-erase planners are the perfect solution for all lovers of good organization, as well as ecology. The excellent quality of materials from which our planners are made ensures their exceptional durability and resistance to damage which makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite planning tool for many years. This is a huge relief for our environment!

Do you need help with organizing your week? In our online store Wallyboards you will find all the necessary tools to help you in the planning process. Take a look at our wide range of reusable dry erase planners!

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