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Time spent with family is one of the most important values in our lives. Shared joys and adventures bring us closer together and create a unique and precious bond. What brings us together? Both creative leisure time spent together, but also common household chores. And sometimes it is not easy to control them! Fortunately, we come to help! Our dry-erase family planners are the perfect idea for your home organisation center. Check out our range of creative planners for the whole family and choose your favourite!

Dry-Erase Board Planner 477See more details

Dry-Erase Board Planner 477

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from 16,48 EUR Add to wishlist

Family planners - plan your duties and free time

Our planners are the perfect solution for every family who would like to improve the planning of their household chores and organize their free time. In our offer you will find both classic dry-wipe planners, on which you can write with a special dry-wipe marker, and also dry-wipe-magnetic planners, which serve as a real center of family organization! You can attach important notes to them with magnets and note down all the important information, dates or shopping lists. Thanks to good organization of household chores, you will have more time to relax and enjoy breathtaking experiences together! Just choose your favorite planner together and find out that planning can be a great adventure!

High quality dry erase planners for the whole family

Our family planners from A to Zet are made in Poland! We care about the highest quality of materials used as well as about the safety of our planners - we use ecological, health and environment friendly inks. Our dry-erase planners are also extremely practical - you won't get your hands dirty while using them and the inscriptions will easily disappear thanks to wiping their surface with a microfiber cloth or rag.

Choose your dry-erase planner from our offer.

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