How to prepare a project?

Wally creates personalized products so that you are always satisfied with our services. If you want to design your own product, please read our guidelines.

How to properly create an individual boards design:

Wall boards in aluminium frames

If you are interested in an individual design of an aluminium frame board, make sure that important graphic elements are not closer than 1.5 - 2 cm from the edge of the frame. Prepare also a 1 cm wide slope on each side.

What file formats do we accept?

The pdf file will satisfy us the most. In addition, we accept jpg, eps, ai and tiff files with lzw compression.

If there are photos in your project, make sure that they are not smaller than 60 dpi.

We look forward to your project!

Sending files

When you place an order, you can upload a file of up to 25 MB. Projects can also be sent by email. Files up to 50 Mb in size can be sent to [email protected].

You don't have graphics ready? We make individual projects!

We prepare graphic designs based on files in Word, Excel and Open Office formats. You can send us sketches, photos, newspaper clippings on the basis of which we will make a preliminary valuation and design.

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