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Proper preparation for work and responsible behaviour during its realization is one of the key safety elements that we cannot overlook. In order to help those who arrange their workplace and want to take care of its safety, we have prepared a wide range of stickers and occupational safety magnets, which will work well in production halls, warehouses, backstops, construction and renovation spaces. Check what signs of order we can offer you!

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Sticker Please Lock The RoomSee more details

Sticker Please Lock The Room

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Health and safety stickers - mandatory signs

Mandatory signs are some of the most important signs to help you comply with general rules and maximise safety in the workplace. With our safety stickers, both your employees and your customers will quickly identify the safety rules in your area, making it much easier to follow them!

What health and safety signs do you find in our offer?

We offer markings that will not only inform but also remind you of the rules of the workplace every day. The information about the need to use protective aprons, masks or gloves will prove useful both in the production halls and in the back rooms of medical facilities. Stickers with a reminder to protect your head, hearing and respiratory system will certainly be useful both on construction sites and during long term renovation work. Take care of your safety and that of your employees!

Health and safety signs - magnets and stickers

All markings we offer are made with attention to detail! Thanks to the use of modern production and printing technologies, stickers and magnets are not only durable and resistant to weather conditions, but also exceptionally aesthetic and eye-catching with their strong and saturated colours. Our products perfectly adhere to all smooth surfaces - walls, metal, glass and plastics, which creates an infinite range of possibilities of their use!

Check our offer of stickers and health and safety signs and use them in your company, production hall, warehouse and wherever you want to take care of safety!

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