Biological protection stickers

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Do you always remember to follow the safety rules that apply to your workplace? You're sure to say yes, but we know how easy it is to let yourself be carried away by a multitude of responsibilities and forget about something as prosaic as washing or disinfecting your hands often.

Compliance with health and safety rules is particularly important in places where we are exposed to frequent contact with people, harmful substances but also with carriers of drip-transmitted diseases. Occupational safety is one of the most important aspects that you and your employees should ensure. Occupational health and safety products containing both orders, prohibitions and warnings necessary for biological protection will prove useful here. See what we can offer you!

Biosecurity in your workplace

In our offer you will find both health and safety stickers and magnets that will help you maintain a high level of safety wherever there is a risk of spreading diseases by dropping. Use them in hospitals, laboratories, medical facilities, but also in production factories and public places.

What health and safety signs do you find in our offer?

Both those requiring the wearing of protective clothing, reminding people of the need to disinfect their hands frequently, but also those informing them of the need to keep an appropriate distance, which will work in times of epidemics or pandemics. You can use them in all public places - grocery stores, offices and public transport.

Stickers - biosecurity

Practical and universal stickers can be used both inside and outside buildings. Completely resistant to harmful atmospheric conditions, they will prove themselves wherever you need useful health and safety signs. The stickers have their own glue, so their installation will take you only a few moments!

Biological dangers - practical magnets

Magnets with biological hazard prints are practical accessories that you can use on any smooth metal surface. They can be attached to steel racks, magnetic boards, machines and also to vehicles!

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