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Magnets are an inseparable element of every organized workplace. Thanks to them attaching something to a steel surface or joining something together becomes possible and extremely easy! You will use them in your office, home, conference room, but also on the production floor and in the warehouse. Check our wide offer of magnets and use them wherever you need a perfect organization!

Neodymium magnets - online shop

What is the difference between neodymium magnets and traditional magnets that have been available in the market for years? Neodymium magnets have a much greater power of attraction, thanks to which they quickly became very popular in the office accessories market. For what reason? Their magnetic force is so big that you can lift many times bigger weights using a small magnet! The neodymium magnet will prove itself useful for fastening many sheets of paper or folders, posters, graphics and also files with documents. Nowadays, magnets of this type are used in many areas of our life and in an endless number of industries - industry, construction, training. This is a convenient solution for everyone who needs perfect organization in their workplace!

Magnets for magnetic board

Magnetic products are an integral part of offices, offices, conference rooms, but also training spaces. Magnets are also indispensable accessories for every user of magnetic whiteboards. What kind of magnet for your whiteboard should you choose? Both neodymium magnets and traditional ones will work fantastically! Invest in traditional magnets if you have an aluminum framed whiteboard, which is characterized by high magnetizing power, or if you have a magnetic self-adhesive whiteboard or a product with PVC backing - a neodymium magnet will be a great choice!

Wallyboards is a place where we have collected an impressive number of different types of magnets. We have one of the widest offers in the market. Our specialty is supplying high quality magnets and magnetic products for industry, construction, education and household applications. Are you looking for a specific magnet? Check out our offer and in case of any questions or doubts, contact us. Check what we can offer you and order the necessary accessories for your private, company and public spaces!

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