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5S whiteboards Lean Manufacturing

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5S is a visual management method, which is based on a structured organization of the workplace. In the process of implementing each method, accessories that are not only practical, but also remind us of the chosen direction and goals are useful. You will find them in our offer in the form of functional dry-erase boards, shadow boards and practical tools such as marking tapes, magnets or information stickers.

Remember that each product can be freely modified to suit the needs of the customer or create it completely from scratch. Order us to prepare a project or cooperate with us in the process of its creation! Contact us by e-mail - [email protected]

What can you find in our offer?

  • Dry-erase boards reminiscent of the 5S basic principles. You will write down all important information on them, and a short reminder of the 5S rules will accompany you every day.
  • Classical shadow boards, thanks to which all tools, accessories and machines will gain their permanent place.
  • Tablets of shadows in the form of practical stickers, i.e. convenient solutions that you can modify at any time by adding or subtracting individual elements!
  • Accessories useful for the implementation of the 5S method, such as marking tapes, printed magnets and stickers.

Why is the visual method of organization better than others?

We process the information that we can not only see and visualize, but also the information that accompanies us on a daily basis. That's why dry-wall boards with a 5S print are the perfect way to introduce the habit of using Lean Management methods!

What are the benefits of our 5S boards?

  • With our shadow tables you will increase safety when working with machines and tools,
  • You will improve the efficiency and organization of your employees. There is nothing worse than a constant search for work tools.
  • You will conveniently note down important information on practical dry wiping boards.
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