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Gantt chart whiteboards

Gantt chart in the form of a dry-erase board is a graphic way of planning and control, extremely useful during the implementation of projects. Thanks to it, you can easily harmonize individual actions of specific people and plan them in the long term. The graph is designed in such a way as to facilitate the control and optimization of the production plan as much as possible.

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How does the Gantt chart work?

The Gantt chart shows the list of tasks to be performed vertically, and the graph shows the timeline horizontally. This allows you to read the start and end dates of the individual actions in the diagram.

Advantages of the Gantt chart

  • Transparent presentation of the schedule of individual tasks.
  • Ability to control tasks in real time.
  • A flexible form of planning and distribution of tasks among employees.
  • Ability to easily make corrections.

Why is the visual method of organization better than others?

We process the information that we can not only see and visualize, but also the information that accompanies us on a daily basis. That's why printed Gantt chart boards are a great way to introduce a habit of using Lean Management methods!

Gantt chart in the form of a dry-erase board is perfect for production halls, warehouses, but also in office and agency spaces.

Over 39 thousand satisfied customers
Over 39 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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