Competence matrix boards Lean Manufacturing

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The competence matrix in the form of a dry-erase board is a simple tool that allows you to visualize the skills of individual team members. It turns out to be particularly useful in crisis situations, e.g. during the unplanned absence of an important employee. Thanks to the whiteboard we can quickly find a replacement for him, following the list of skills of other employees.

What does the board look like - a competence matrix?

The listed names of employees are compared with specific skills and an indication of whether a given person is able to perform a given activity independently, with someone else's help or not. The skill level is usually indicated by symbols.

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Advantages of the competence matrix

Why is the visual method of organization better than others?

We process the information that we can not only see and visualize, but also the information that accompanies us on a daily basis. That's why dry-erase boards with a print showing the competence matrix are a great way to introduce the habit of using Lean Management methods!
The competence matrix in the form of a dry-wall is a tool that will work well in production halls, warehouses, but also in office and agency spaces.

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