Custom printed stickers

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How to change your interior in a quick and trivial way? The best way is with our creative, individual stickers! Custom stickers are the perfect solution for anyone who would like to arrange their space - private as well as corporate, public, utility - at a low cost. What are the advantages of our custom stickers? Your own design will make them completely unique and they will surely impress other people in your house as well as your co-workers. Check what we can offer you and have us prepare stickers perfectly suited to your needs!

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are an excellent way to express oneself and personalize one's environment, both at home and at work. At Wally, we understand how important it is for every decorative or advertising element to perfectly fit into the space and meet the needs of our clients. Thanks to our advanced printing techniques and a wide range of materials, every customer can create stickers exactly as they need. Personalization starts right from choosing the size and shape of the sticker. The possibilities are virtually limitless – from small product stickers to large wall stickers that can completely transform the look of any room. We also offer business clients complex-shaped and large-sized stickers, which are perfect for trade shows, promotions, and marking corporate vehicles.

Custom Stickers - Large Sizes

Large-sized stickers are an excellent solution for those who want to make a lasting impression on their customers or guests. At Wally, we specialize in producing large-sized stickers that can cover entire walls, store windows, or be used as vehicle wraps. Thanks to modern digital printing technologies, we can ensure vivid colors and sharp graphic details, regardless of the size of the order.

Custom Print Stickers – Your Creativity in the Forefront

Personalizing space with custom print stickers is an increasingly popular way to express an individual style and promote a brand in a unique way. At Wally, we offer extensive customization options for stickers, so each of our clients can turn their visions into reality. With advanced printing options, we can reproduce complex patterns, high-resolution photos, and custom color palettes on stickers of any size.

Our personalization process is simple yet offers endless possibilities. You can send us your own graphic design or use the help of our team of designers to create something unique. These individually designed stickers are perfect for use in a variety of places – from personal gadgets to large-scale advertising installations.

Stickers with your own company logo

Do you need interesting solutions for your brand? Choose our personalized stickers! Your own design is a fantastic opportunity to create a product perfectly suited to your needs. Stickers with your own logo are perfect for both bigger and smaller companies and enterprises. We can print on them your logo, company slogan or even design your business card in a modern self-adhesive form. Such a creative approach to the subject will surely delight many, even the most demanding customers! Self-designed stickers are also a great idea for labeling company gadgets or gifts for co-workers or regular customers. Bet on individual solutions and enjoy them in your workplace! Our stickers cut by the contour - your own design is a guarantee of the highest quality and careful workmanship, certainty of saturated colors and also the possibility of complete personalization, which you will not find in any other online store!

Cut-out stickers with your own imprint

Stickers - your own design is a treat for everyone who loves original solutions! Thanks to the fact that we are the manufacturer of our stickers you can choose your own design as well as the color, size and even the material from which we will make your decoration!

With our stickers you can decorate any smooth surface - walls, furniture, fridge and other surfaces. The only thing that limits you is your imagination! Our stickers can be applied to the living room, children's room, home office, conference room, warehouse, logistics, catering or production companies!

Don't have an idea for an individual project or would like to use already prepared patterns? Check our wide range of creative wall stickers, designed by our graphic designers!

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