Magnetic Chalkboard In Any Size

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Magnetic Chalkboard In Any Size

Flexible chalkboard with magnet! You can easily attach it to shelves, steel furniture, doors or installations. It takes 1 second to assemble and can be removed without a trace. Place it on the side of your car, baskets, casings, installations or tanks. The board can be freely used outdoors and is weather-resistant.

The MAGNET chalkboard can be ordered in any size.

Why would a magnetic board?

Only high quality chalk or chalk markers (for chalk marker boards) should be used for writing.

Draw attention! - MAGNET layer means that the board adheres to metal surfaces. This does not mean that magnets stick to it. For this to happen, the board must be placed on a metal surface. If you are interested in a traditional magnetic board see dry-walled magnetic boards or magnetic chalkboards.
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Magnetic Chalkboard In Any Size
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Magnetic Chalkboard In Any Size
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